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Favorite: Libreria Acqua Alta, by V Photography and Art
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april 2017 by pauljacobson
Georgina Reid & Daniel Shipp, "Plant/Life: David Whitworth," The Planthunter
"‘I’m like those ladies who end up with houses full of frog ornaments. Everyone knows she has a soft spot for frogs, so they keep giving them to her,’ David explains. ‘That’s what has happened with me. I don’t ever say no to plants because I’m a hoarder. I just say “sure, I’ll find space.” As a result, there’s not really much space for people, but that’s ok.’ [...]

What David loves most about the garden is the act of working, not sitting, in it. ‘In a way, gardeners are always building to a point that never arrives. I often think I’ll fix something and then just sit back and enjoy it, have a cup of tea, that kind of thing, but it doesn’t happen.

I’ve realised I prefer the re-arranging, the tending, the watering. I think ‘To tend’ is my favourite verb.”"
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february 2017 by Wed7pm
The interior within the is designed to be open and ; a way to seamlessly experienc…
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november 2016 by smack416
Shrimp / UID Architects | ArchDaily
Completed in 2014 in Fukuyama, Japan. Images by Hiroshi Ueda. The new three-dimensional courthouse in the city. A plan in the housing built in the center of Fukuyama city. The site where touch the north side...
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january 2016 by jimmy.kl
Georgina Reid, "Ian McMaugh," Plant/Life, The Design Files, 15 May 2014
"I have a theory that inner city areas, with tiny houses, tiny gardens and lots of surrounding hard surfaces are the best places for jungle gardens (except for the Amazon, of course)."
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november 2014 by Wed7pm
Library House - Minimalissimo
The Tokyo-based architecture firm Shinichi Ogawa & Associates recently completed the Library House, a stunning minimalist residential project designed with a 6 meter high wall of bookshelves for the client who is an avid reader.
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april 2013 by markogara
House in Villarcayo - Minimalissimo
This proposed project from Spanish architectural bureau Pereda Pérez Arquitectos answers two major design concerns. Firstly, due to building restrictions in Villarcayo, Spain, the house can only have ground floor. Secondly, the owners, a young expanding family, wanted to have a master suite, another two bedrooms and a bathroom, kitchen, garage, and a place for the children to study and play. All in a relatively small one-story building.
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april 2013 by markogara
Newtown Residence
CplusC Architects created the Newtown residence in Newtown, Sydney, New South Wales in 3 months. In the center of the house plan is a courtyard to help keep a natural flow of air through the home.

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june 2012 by pwomack

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