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Cambridge – Metaprogramming (2018)
This course surveys principled approaches to metaprogramming; writing programs that manipulate programs. Topics include evaluators, reflection, writing programs that write programs, designing domain specific languages and meta-linguistic abstractions, synthesis.
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2 days ago by doneata
Teaching and Learning Materials for Data Visualization
Data Visualization: A Practical Introduction will begin shipping next week. I’ve written an R package that contains datasets, functions, and a course packet to go along with the book. The socviz package contains about twenty five datasets and a number of utility and convenience functions. The datasets range in size from things with just a few rows (used for purely illustrative purproses) to datasets with over 120,000 observations, for practicing with and exploring.

A course packet is also included the package. This is a zipped file containing an R Studio project consisting of nine R Markdown documents that parallel the chapters in the book. They contain the code for almost all the figures in the book (and a few more besides). There are also some additional support files, to help demonstrate things like reading in your own data locally in R.
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2 days ago by jonmoore

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