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Music Choice Americana
Streaming Americana music from cable TV network.
americana  music  country  bluesrock  gospel  audio 
4 days ago by rcade
BBC - Black Country Features - Black Country dialect [A - B]
Black Country Word ~ Meaning
Awlroight ~ Literally 'alright', used as a greeting instead of 'hello'
Birmingham  Brummie  Black  Country  language  dialect  phrases  words  UK  dictionaries 
8 days ago by andreasbuzzing
Ultimate Music Database
A large database covering all musical genres. Bands, singers, musicians. Discographies, line-ups, history records, activities, references. More than 110.000 items from all over the world.
musicdatabase  ultimate  music  database  rock  pop  jazz  country  blues  rap  hip  hop  rock'n'roll  folk  heavy  metal  speed  death  punk  new  wave  hard  core  disco  soul  funk  romance  albums  singles  discography  encyclopaedia  world  techno  house  acid  line-up  dance  reggae  soft  pomp  glam  references  grammy  awards  rock&pop  melody  maker  musical  express  rolling  stone 
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