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The hump counter attack! Jose Manuel Roche sets me straight on the global transition (or lack of it) - From Poverty to Power
A closer look at the numbers suggest Duncan has seriously oversimplified the evolution of poverty and inequality. SCF's head of research sets him straight.
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RT : Calling all in : This conference is your conference! Deadline fo…
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New UNICEF report ranks children’s well-being in 29 of world’s richest countries | UN News
> The Netherlands, along with four Nordic countries – Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden – top a United Nations list released today, which ranks children’s well-being in 29 industrialized countries, while Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain are at the bottom.
> The rankings are part of a UN Children’s Fund study entitled ‘Report Card 11: Child well-being in rich countries,’ which charts the achievements of the world’s most advanced economies from 2000-2010.
> The study found that child poverty in these countries is particularly susceptible to governments’ policies, and warns against measures that cut services and protection to children, as they are a highly vulnerable part of the population.
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Costa Rica is one of the world's happiest countries. Here's what it does differently | World Economic Forum
President Alvarado said not having a military allows his government to spend on education and the environment
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