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Clishmaclaver: 'The Araucaria Counterweight Book Saver'
"I then devised a counterweight system to prevent damage to books whilst reading in the bath and have named it 'The Araucaria Counterweight Book Saver'." (via Derek Harrison's Crossword Centre mailing list)
crosswords  bath  heath-robinson  pulley  araucaria  counterweight 
august 2009 by mhl
Orcinus - Fascist America II: The Last Turnoff
Part 2 of a series by Sara on American right-wing fascism, with steps to resist.
fascism  right-wing  politics  town-hall  disruption  protests  activism  counterweight  resistance  bullying 
august 2009 by tsuomela
Here we are…there we are going « Connectivism
Antidote to the idea that universities are being undermined by OER. Universities will persist because they provide an institutional counterweight to business and government.
university  education  future  connectivism  open-education  learning  change  college  oer  institutions  power  counterweight 
august 2009 by tsuomela
Replacing Window Sash Cords Tutorial
Shows how to get counterweight style windows apart
home  repair  old  windows  sash  cord  counterweight 
december 2007 by jplien
Robot Room: Removing Weight From Tiny Vibrating Motor
just got two of these and need to do this, doesn't seem that hard
computerkraft  BEAM  pager  motor  counterweight  electronics 
december 2006 by gregab

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