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Reviewing the Global Strategy provides important opportunities to identify and discuss critic…
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june 2018 by freerange_inc
Digital Counterterrorism: Fighting Jihadists Online
March 2018 Bipartisan Policy Center report
In the battle against jihadist terrorism, the digital world is the new ungoverned territory. To prevail, governments will have to deny jihadists the ability to operate securely in these digital realms.
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march 2018 by strohps
Forget needles and haystacks – it’s more complicated than that « Counter-terrorism matters
If the opposing sides in the mass surveillance debate agree on anything, it is the analogy that best describes the job of intelligence agencies. From Edward Snowden to UK Home Secretary Theresa May, the case for and against bulk communications data (particularly in counter-terrorism) rests on the best way to find ‘a needle in a…
surveillance  terrorism  bigdata  counterterrorism 
january 2018 by javierruiz
The New Netwar: Countering Extremism Online
Sept. 2017 The Policy Exchange report
Policy Exchange’s new report provides a comprehensive analysis of the struggle against online jihadist extremism – what we call “the new Netwar”. This issue is vital to UK national security and there is a danger that the blood and treasure we are investing in defeating ISIS in Iraq and Syria will produce little more than a pyrrhic victory unless we act to defeat the virtual threat. At present, we are certainly not winning the war online. The spate of terrorist attacks the UK suffered in the first half of 2017 confirmed that online extremism is a real and present danger. In each case, online radicalisation played some part in driving the perpetrators to violence. As a society, we are struggling to grasp the extent of the challenge and also appropriate ways of responding. It is clear that the status quo is not working. It is time for a new approach. Policy Exchange has worked with a team of experts to provide fresh insight into the debate around online extremism.
policy_exchange  terrorism  counterterrorism  technology 
september 2017 by strohps
Turning Point: A New Comprehensive Strategy for Countering Violent Extremism
Nov 2016 CSIS report
"The United States lost nearly 3,000 lives in the devastating terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. On that day, a problem that had been slowly festering and barely noticed in the West broke onto the world stage in a forceful and heart-wrenching way. Those events and many that would follow have prompted trillions of dollars to be poured into military, law enforcement, and intelligence operations. Yet the problem of violent extremism has grown more severe and urgent. Despite the many efforts to extinguish the flames of violence, new and powerful extremist movements have taken root. Terrorist groups around the world have used technology, the media, religious schools and mosques, and word of mouth to sell their twisted ideologies, justify their violence, and convince too many recruits that glory can be found in the mass murder of innocent civilians. [...] It is time for the U.S. government and its allies to go all in to prevent the radicalization and recruitment of a whole new generation. This is a problem that affects everyone. All segments of society must pull together to defeat this global scourge. Yet, they should not have to do so alone. The U.S. government, its allies, especially from Muslim-majority countries, and the private sector have an essential role to play--providing leadership, political support, funding, and expertise. The Commission's goal was to clearly articulate what the next U.S. administration, in close collaboration with governmental and non-governmental partners, must do to diminish the appeal of extremist ideologies and narratives. The plan has eight major components."
csis  terrorism  counterterrorism 
august 2017 by strohps
From Family to Facebook to Foreign Fighter – The Attraction of Young Adults to ISIS through Societal Relationships and Social Media
April 2017 Duke University paper
Radicalization is not a new concept. Extreme ideology has a long history; yet it has often required face to face exposure to have a lasting effect. These particular Islamic movements appear to inspire both active and sympathetic allegiance by a new group of young fighters via secondary interactions such as internet videos, social media applications and live chats via smart phones. ISIS is considered one of these new radical movements that employs technology to recruit and groom potential members. As terrorist-based groups such as ISIS continue to attract young adults, it is imperative that motivation for joining such groups be researched and analyzed. A 'one size fits all' approach to countering violent extremism does not appear to be a viable option for today's modern, technologically astute society. There are many different pathways to radicalization, and the mechanisms in place that may aid in radicalization operate in different ways for different people at different points in their lives.
duke_university  radicalization  social_media  terrorism  counterterrorism 
august 2017 by strohps
Cautioning Against Future Catastrophes | On Point
May 23, 2017

"Warnings: Finding Cassandras to Stop Catastrophes."

Richard Clarke, the nation’s former counter terrorism czar, warned the White House about the grave threat posed by Al Qaeda before 9/11…and was ignored. Now he’s back with a new warning. In a new book he explains: experts he calls 'Cassandras' are sounding the alarm about a new host of existential threats from cyberattacks to climate change. And they’re getting ignored. This hour On Point, heeding warnings in a dangerous world
books  Richard_Clarke  warning_signs  catastrophes  counterterrorism  cyberattacks 
june 2017 by jerryking
C.I.A. Names the ‘Dark Prince’ to Run Iran Operations, Signaling a Tougher Stance
JUNE 2, 2017 | The New York Times | By MATTHEW ROSENBERG and ADAM GOLDMAN

Michael D’Andrea, has a new job. He is running the C.I.A.’s Iran operations, according to current and former intelligence officials, an appointment that is the first major sign that the Trump administration is invoking the hard line the president took against Iran during his campaign......Mr. D’Andrea took over the agency’s Counterterrorism Center in early 2006 and spent the next nine years directing the hunt for militants around the world........Iran has been one of the hardest targets for the C.I.A. The agency has extremely limited access to the country — no American embassy is open to provide diplomatic cover — and Iran’s intelligence services have spent nearly four decades trying to counter American espionage and covert operations.......Mr. Trump has appointed to the National Security Council hawks eager to contain Iran and push regime change, the groundwork for which would most likely be laid through C.I.A. covert action......Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster, the national security adviser, was an infantry commander during the early years of the war in Iraq, and he believes that Iranian agents who were aiding Iraqi insurgents were responsible for the deaths of a number of his soldiers. Derek Harvey, the senior director for the Middle East at the council, is also considered an Iran hawk.....
appointments  Iran  covert_operations  CIA  APNSA  security_&_intelligence  Al_Qaeda  NSC  H.R._McMaster  counterterrorism 
june 2017 by jerryking
How foreign intelligence services help keep America safe | Brookings Institution
en these many advantages, it is not surprising that liaison services have had frequent successes in penetrating terrorist movements, often using their own nationals as assets while limiting their support activities. Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Syria, and Pa
BrookingsInstitution  intelligence  foreignpolicy  counterterrorism  middleeast  militarycooperation  wot 
may 2017 by Kirk510620

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