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More Noise, Less Signal - The Big Picture
"[As] a thought experiment, I wondered what the process might look like if went another way: What would happen if you purposefully tried to assemble a “How-to” list to pursue the exact opposite goal — how to get more noise, and less signal?"

In other words, what are the exactly wrong things to do as an investor?
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february 2019 by schahn
multivariate analysis - Is it possible to have a pair of Gaussian random variables for which the joint distribution is not Gaussian? - Cross Validated
The bivariate normal distribution is the exception, not the rule!

It is important to recognize that "almost all" joint distributions with normal marginals are not the bivariate normal distribution. That is, the common viewpoint that joint distributions with normal marginals that are not the bivariate normal are somehow "pathological", is a bit misguided.

Certainly, the multivariate normal is extremely important due to its stability under linear transformations, and so receives the bulk of attention in applications.

note: there is a multivariate central limit theorem, so those such applications have no problem
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october 2017 by nhaliday
measure theory - Continuous function a.e. - Mathematics Stack Exchange
- note: Riemann integrable iff continuous a.e. (see Wheeden-Zygmund 5.54)
- equal a.e. to continuous f, but not continuous a.e.: characteristic function of rationals
- continuous a.e., but not equal a.e. to continuous f: step function
- continuous a.e., w/ uncountably many discontinuities: characteristic function of Cantor set
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january 2017 by nhaliday

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