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antonmedv/countdown: Terminal countdown timer
Terminal countdown timer. Contribute to antonmedv/countdown development by creating an account on GitHub.
cli  countdown 
2 days ago by geetarista
11:54 | Big Timer - Fullscreen countdown timer
Fullscreen countdown timer for workshops, presentations and meetings. No ads, no costs. Possibly the biggest timer you can get on your screen.
countdown  timer  tool 
27 days ago by cerebe
9:31 | Big Timer - Fullscreen countdown timer
Fullscreen countdown timer for workshops, presentations and meetings. Quick and easy in use. No ads, no costs. It's a big timer!
tools  timer  fullscreen  countdown 
4 weeks ago by braposo
Timeblocks | A quick and easy Agenda Timer
Stay on top of your meetings with this agenda timer.
timer  countdown  meetings  time 
november 2018 by kpieper876

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