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The Right Direction (is everything)
They’re in a box, Neal half-straddling Peter, in the basement apartment of a counterfeiter, when Peter starts to buy a clue.
author:shaenie  fandom:whitecollar  rating:nc17  type:slash  genre:AT  pairing:nealcaffrey/peterburke  warning:kink  status:complete  count:5000-10000 
october 2018 by slashpimp
Monday In a Cafe (All You Did Was Look My Way)
Then Gorgeous, as Bucky abruptly names him in his head, slides a bit further down the counter and reaches for his wallet. He pulls out what Bucky’s pretty sure is a crisp hundred and stuffs it into the tip jar Clint decorated to look like a bulls-eye.

And then he turns and looks directly at Bucky.

Staring into big doe eyes from across the way Bucky resists the urge to bring his hand up to grip at his chest.

Because that split second is all it takes.

One look and Bucky is officially gone.
author:RayShippouUchiha  fandom:avengers  rating:pg  type:slash  pairing:bucky/tony  genre:AU  genre:fluff  status:complete  count:5000-10000 
july 2018 by slashpimp
The Way That I Thought That It Could Be
It's a crazy world we live in. It's crazier still how some things can change and yet others stay the same. Sequel to Nostrum Vita, Nostrum Via.
author:tiptoetwirl  author:shesellsseashells  fandom:ncis  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:dinozzo/gibbs  genre:drama  genre:AT  genre:fluff  genre:angst  status:complete  count:5000-10000 
june 2018 by slashpimp
Nostrum Vita, Nostrum Via
It's funny the impact a single decision can have on our lives. It's NCIS, but only kind of how we know it.
author:tiptoetwirl  author:shesellsseashells  fandom:ncis  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:dinozzo/gibbs  genre:AT  genre:humor  genre:fluff  status:complete  count:5000-10000 
june 2018 by slashpimp
A Bit of Bother and All That
Despite later claims by Porpentina Goldstein, the first thing that Newt Scamander, illegal magizoologist, actually said to Graves was “Oh. I really didn’t think that there were two of those.”

Graves looked around quickly, wand cautiously raised. One of Grindelwald’s ‘silos’ of stored and mostly illegal paraphernalia had turned out to also include an acid-spitting two-legged ostrich-sized lizard, whose spit had dissolved, unfortunately, much of said illegal paraphernalia, a desk, several chairs, and Newt’s clothes. The lizard was asleep, bubbling gently beside the stairs, clutching the virulently pink flower bulb that Newt had thrown at it right before he’d been drenched.

“Where’s the other one?”

“No, no, I meant your coat,” Newt explained brightly.
author:manicintent  fandom:fantasticbeastsandwheretofindthem  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:newt/percival  genre:postcanon  genre:fluff  genre:humor  status:complete  count:5000-10000 
may 2017 by slashpimp
Flex to Fit
After that, Harry couldn’t stop thinking about how he could take all of Liam, how he could prep himself and train his body to relax and flex around Liam’s enormous cock, letting every inch sink inside. He figured the best way to do it was just to try and try and try again until Liam’d managed to push it all inside, but every time he and Liam had sex after the first time, Harry’s brain scrambled the second that cock breached him and coherent thoughts were few and very far between, and Liam never tried to push passed what he knew Harry could take.

So now, being presented so blatantly with the opportunity to do it, he’s not going to let it slip by. “Yes, yes I want to try,” Harry spits quickly, bucking his hips up as to emphasize his point.

Or, Liam has a huge cock and Harry finally gets to try to take it all.
author:tomlinsuhhn  fandom:onedirection  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:harry/liam  genre:smut  warning:realperson  status:complete  count:5000-10000 
september 2016 by slashpimp
A More Lethal Dress
During a rewatch a few weeks ago, Fire_Sign made the remark that the black dress Phryne wears to dinner with Lin… (you know, the dinner where she offends Lin by implying that he knows anything about the opium trade which, by the end of the episode, he’s agreed to lead? Yeah… bygones. Anyway!) The dress, the black, diagonally striped lace-and-satin confection that she wears for that dinner should have made a repeat appearance, as it’s one of the best dresses in the show.

I agreed, and since I’m not a fan of Lin, he doesn’t get to see it. Instead, Phryne wears it for dinner with Jack. What happened to this story that was supposed to be a simple little smutty drabble, I don’t even know. So I’ll give it to you all. It’s long and smutty and I hope you like it.
author:sarahtoo  fandom:missfishersmurdermysteries  rating:nc17  type:het  pairing:jackrobinson/phrynefisher  genre:fluff  status:complete  count:5000-10000 
july 2016 by slashpimp
made up of our mistakes
“You tell her you love her every day, and you make the world better for both of you. It needs to be, you know, if you’re going live in it together.”
author:weatheredlaw  fandom:zootopia  rating:pg  type:het  pairing:judyhopps/nickwilde  genre:fluff  genre:postcanon  status:complete  count:5000-10000 
june 2016 by slashpimp
what happens in vegas (but rules were made to be broken)
AKA: That Goddamn Stripper AU

Wherein Raleigh Becket gets dragged to Las Vegas, gets a lapdance, then sleeps with a stripper. It's less terrible than it sounds.
author:dytabytes  fandom:pacificrim  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:herchansen/raleighbecket  genre:AU  genre:fluff  genre:humor  status:complete  count:5000-10000 
june 2016 by slashpimp
It Ain't Moonlight, But It'll Do
Healing after closing the Breach doesn't mean no one has nightmares anymore. Sometimes, they're bad enough to make another attempt at sleep an awful idea. On those occasions, a former jaeger pilot might take a certain amount of comfort from walking the shatterdome hallways. Another former jaeger pilot might take solace from cooking amazing grilled cheese sandwiches in the harsh fluorescent lighting of the shatterdome kitchens.

At some point, those paths almost have to cross, even if the stubborn jerks go out of their way not to cross paths any other time.
author:gutterball  fandom:pacificrim  rating:pg  type:slash  pairing:chuckhansen/raleighbecket  genre:fluff  genre:postcanon  genre:AU  status:complete  count:5000-10000 
june 2016 by slashpimp
The Cyborg Arm Job
The Leverage crew run into a new friend, find some buried treasure, and fight some Nazis. It's a pretty good day.
author:copperbadge  fandom:avengers  fandom:leverage  crossover  rating:pg  type:slash  type:het  pairing:eliot/hardison/parker  genre:humor  genre:fluff  warning:threesome  status:complete  count:5000-10000 
march 2016 by slashpimp
the way you nod after everything I say (like it actually means something to you)
"You know Clarke texts you, like, every twelve seconds, right?" Octavia asks, when his phone buzzes at lunch one Sunday.

He glances down, sees Clarke has said, yeah okay but is there actually more than one nicholas sparks movie or are they all THE SAME MOVIE??, and grins at his sister. "Did you actually time them to get twelve seconds as the average? Or are you just guessing?"
author:chash  fandom:the100  rating:g  type:het  pairing:bellamy/clarke  genre:fluff  genre:AU  status:complete  count:5000-10000 
march 2016 by slashpimp
One eccentricity
“In the Establishment you’re allowed one eccentricity, and if you are a woman, that’s basically it.”

Snippets from a cis!girl Eggsy universe. (Mostly previously posted on tumblr but now with added pegging!)
author:concernedlily  fandom:kingsman  rating:nc17  type:slash  type:het  pairing:eggsyunwin/harryhart  genre:smut  warning:sexswap  status:complete  count:5000-10000 
march 2016 by slashpimp
the night is ours
It is their last event together, the last time they'll promote Kingsman together before they won't see each other for quite a while.

So Taron comes up with a way to make it memorable.
author:orphaned  fandom:kingsman  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:colinfirth/taronegerton  genre:smut  genre:fluff  warning:realperson  status:complete  count:5000-10000 
march 2016 by slashpimp
drinking in the shallow water
“I’m not pining,” Colin protests, and then his phone lights up with a text message.

Livia takes one look at Colin’s face and erupts into giggles. “Darling, you’re most definitely pining.”
author:divineprojectzero  fandom:kingsman  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:colinfirth/taronegerton  genre:fluff  warning:realperson  status:complete  count:5000-10000 
march 2016 by slashpimp
The Map of Your Skin
The Kingsman might be the poshest tattoo shop in existence. Harry Hart is their best artist and he has been training Eggsy Unwin. Harry only takes the most interesting jobs for only specific clients. Merlin is one of those clients. Eggsy falls a little more in lust each time he comes into the shop. And today is the day he finally gets to work on some of that gorgeous skin.
status:complete  author:anarchycox  fandom:kingsman  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:eggsyunwin/merlin  genre:AU  genre:fluff  count:5000-10000 
february 2016 by slashpimp
I Could Murder for a Cup of Coffee
prompt: Merwin sorta based on that crimboss!Merlin AU post. BUT, Eggsy isn't a detective, he's just Eggsy and he's with Merlin. I have this HC for it that Merlin's people (kingsman aren't kingsman y'know) adore Eggsy in the way that criminals like that can, bc c'mon who doesn't love him. and Eggsy gets kidnapped by a rival and Merlin flips shit, like how dare they mess with his boy. you don't want to piss them off dude, Eggsy gets beat n stuff but he's still confident Merlin will come. so yeah:3
author:anarchycox  fandom:kingsman  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:eggsyunwin/merlin  genre:AU  status:complete  count:5000-10000 
february 2016 by slashpimp
the singularity of desire
Eggsy is dragged to a sex club by his "best friend" Charlie and meets the gorgeous and charming man who calls himself Galahad.
author:persephoneggsy  fandom:kingsman  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:eggsyunwin/harryhart  genre:AU  genre:smut  status:complete  count:5000-10000 
february 2016 by slashpimp

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