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Series || You Wear My Name
"Why don’t you ever let me see it? If you have the name already, why can’t you tell me whose it is? I thought we were best friends."

Everyone gets their Name when they turn twenty-one. It isn’t their own name either. It’s the name of their Soulmate. When Wade Wilson wakes on his twenty-first birthday, he looks down at his chest and sees Peter Benjamin Parker. He stares for a moment then shrugs, gets dressed, and doesn’t think about it for another six weeks.
author:eudoxia  fandom:avengers  fandom:spiderman  fandom:deadpool  rating:nc17  type:slash  genre:AU  genre:drama  pairing:deadpool/spiderman  status:complete  series:inprogress  count:40000-50000 
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Paper Town
When curmudgeonly ex-Marine actor Gibbs kind of meets blockbuster mega movie star Tony: A Twenty First Century Hollywood Fairy Tale.
author:janex80  fandom:ncis  rating:nc17  type:slash  genre:AU  genre:fluff  pairing:dinozzo/gibbs  status:complete  count:40000-50000 
november 2018 by slashpimp
Listen to Your Heart
Humans have a Name on their wrist. Pooka's have a Song in their hearts. Jack Frost can't read his Name; Bunnymund has only been hearing a Song for the last three hundred years. It doesn't help that they've been getting closer to each other, when both Name and Song say there's someone else out there for both of them.
author:kayasurin  fandom:riseoftheguardians  rating:pg  type:slash  pairing:bunny/jack  genre:postcanon  genre:drama  genre:fluff  status:complete  count:40000-50000 
september 2018 by slashpimp
Letters to Bucky
Stuck in rehab after a near-fatal accident, Tony reaches out via letters to a soldier overseas, and Bucky is more than happy to write back, drawn to Tony for a reason he can't quite name. One or two letters turn into a years worth, then come the phone calls, with Tony quickly realizing that Bucky's voice, with that rolling Brooklyn accent might be his new favorite sound.
When Bucky shows up unannounced at Tony's door, one thing leads to another and maybe a confession or two is made. But Bucky's tour overseas isn't over yet, not even close, and they have months more of distance between them.
Then Bucky disappears, missing in action, and Tony doesn't know if he will ever get his soldier back. And if Bucky DOES make it home, will he be the same boy from Brooklyn who sent Tony love poems, or has his time away and his injuries changed him for good?
author:notevenclosetostraight  fandom:avengers  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:bucky/tony  genre:drama  genre:AU  genre:fluff  genre:angst  warning:violence  status:complete  count:40000-50000  favorite 
august 2018 by slashpimp
After rescuing Ziva from Somalia, Tony comes online as a powerful guide. The Center says he has a perfect match, the ideal sentinel, waiting for him. But his sentinel isn’t interested. As Tony finds his way into a new future, he finds that something imperfect can be what he actually needs.
author:jillyjames  fandom:ncis  fandom:criminalminds  fandom:thesentinel  crossover  rating:r  type:slash  pairing:dinozzo/derekmorgan  genre:drama  genre:angst  genre:AU  warning:abuse  status:complete  count:40000-50000 
july 2018 by slashpimp
Fight Club
Tony had always expected that his awful kink would never be brought up to his alphas. It had ended more relationships than it had helped. But when Steve and Bucky find out about it, they're... supportive? Tony has no idea what he did to deserve these two alphas that are willing to indulge his kink, but he's glad. Of course, they have a few kinks of their own that they're willing to divulge now too.
author:reioka  fandom:avengers  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:bucky/steve/tony  pairing:bucky/tony  pairing:bucky/steve  pairing:steve/tony  genre:AU  genre:smut  warning:threesome  warning:abo  status:complete  count:40000-50000 
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Tony swept his gaze over the jacket. It was well used, heavily worn down, but not in a bad way. The fabric felt softened over years of use, and the slight discolorations seemed to suit it. Tony could see the marks left over from the previous owners. A small patch, sewn perfectly in neat little stiches on the inside breast pocket screamed of Steve’s steady hands, while the fraying on tails remained as evidence of Bucky’s impatient tugging.

Or, Steve and Bucky gift Tony with their jacket that survived from the 1940's.

Turns out that wasn't the only thing that survived.
author:justanothertinker  fandom:avengers  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:bucky/steve  pairing:bucky/steve/tony  genre:drama  genre:angst  warning:threesome  status:inprogress  status:complete  count:40000-50000 
march 2018 by slashpimp
Sweet & Simple Things
It's 1870, and when Bucky Barnes arranged for passage from Russia to the United States for himself, his sister, and their good friend Natasha Romanoff, he didn't know there were strings attached. Now Alexander Pierce has informed Bucky he's to be married to a rancher struggling to raise two orphaned boys. Bucky's job is to make the house a home for his new sons -- and whatever else his husband asks of him. But when his husband turns out to be none other than his childhood best friend, Steve Rogers, Bucky discovers that maybe, just maybe, his new family has made a home for him, too.
author:allectro  fandom:avengers  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:bucky/steve  genre:drama  genre:AU  genre:kidfic  warning:mpreg  status:complete  count:40000-50000 
september 2017 by slashpimp
As Sharp As Any Thorn
It’s four days to Christmas, there’s a city in shambles, and the nation is in mourning because of the actions of a single man.
author:rurounihime  fandom:avengers  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:steve/tony  genre:angst  genre:drama  warning:violence  warning:abuse  status:complete  count:40000-50000 
august 2017 by slashpimp
To Build a Home
Newt Scamander's mark is in the form of a panther, wild and ferocious, the black ink running elegantly down his wand arm and ending with the thick tail wrapped possessively around his wrist.

Percival Graves' corporeal Patronus just so happens to be a silver panther.

Too bad the magical community in America has discarded the notion of soulmates and soul marks altogether, and Newt's creatures really aren't helping the situation by repeatedly stealing Graves' things.

(Canon-divergence where Newt rescues the real Percival Graves, they face off Grindelwald together, and Newt decides to take Credence in and set up shop above Kowalski's bakery, much to Mr. Graves' frustration.)
author:beaniebaby  fandom:fantasticbeastsandwheretofindthem  rating:r  type:slash  pairing:newt/percival  genre:drama  genre:AU  genre:angst  status:complete  count:40000-50000 
june 2017 by slashpimp
Basic Instincts
“Who are you?” Graves demanded hoarsely.

“I’m Newt. Scamander. Err. Pleased to meet you. I mean, I would’ve been pleased to meet you, under normal circumstances.”

“Scamander.” Graves frowned to himself. For someone who was supposedly in a bad rut, he seemed perfectly in control. “Your accent, it’s British. Any relation to Theseus Scamander? Head of the DMLE?”

“I’m his younger brother.”

“Are you an Auror?”

“No. I’m a magizoologist.”

Graves exhaled, exasperated. “A what? Is this a rescue or are you a hostage?”

“Sort of neither,” Newt admitted.
author:manicintent  fandom:fantasticbeastsandwheretofindthem  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:newt/percival  genre:AU  genre:fluff  warning:abo  status:complete  count:40000-50000 
may 2017 by slashpimp
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Raleigh Becket used to be the up-and-coming chef to beat in the competitive cooking show world. Then, after beating four Iron Chefs in a row, he disappeared, and everyone forgot about him.

Five years and four months later, he signs up for a new cooking show, The Cutting Board, because he and Yancy desperately need the money. The problem? The show's executives think to improve ratings by forcing him to pretend to be the gay ex-lover of current cooking wunderkind, Chuck Hansen, arrogant jerk extraordinaire.

Insert all cooking metaphors you like. They'll probably apply.
author:gutterball  fandom:pacrificrim  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:chuckhansen/raleighbecket  genre:AU  genre:fluff  status:complete  count:40000-50000  favorite 
april 2017 by slashpimp
Life, Love, Empire and Cake
Peter Quill's mom had (as far as he remembered) always been a sweet, gentle and kindly soul. As such, he had grown up convinced that his father must have been, by way of cosmic balance, an asshole, and 100% a dick.

After all, Peter had to have inherited that particular character flaw from someone.
author:manicintent  fandom:guardiansofthegalaxy  fandom:thor  crossover  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:peterquill/thor  genre:drama  genre:fluff  genre:humor  genre:AT  genre:postcanon  status:complete  count:40000-50000 
july 2016 by slashpimp
Nothing Wanting
Unable to stop Elizabeth and Darcy's wedding, Lady Catherine instead attempts to interfere with their marital bliss.
author:juliecoop  fandom:prideandprejudice  rating:pg  type:het  pairing:elizabethbennet/fitzwilliamdarcy  genre:postcanon  genre:AT  genre:drama  status:complete  count:40000-50000 
january 2016 by slashpimp
Your Highness
It just so happens that there is another direct heir to the British throne out there, but he's probably going to need a bit of polish.
author:galahard  fandom:kingsman  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:eggsyunwin/harryhart  genre:AT  genre:AU  genre:fluff  genre:humor  status:complete  count:40000-50000  favorite 
january 2016 by slashpimp
Patience and Sheer Determination
Harry goes undercover to infiltrate the circle of a corrupt overlord and is given Eggsy, a young prostitute, as a token of goodwill. Harry has to live with Eggsy and keep him safe, while maintaining his cover.
author:blacktofade  fandom:kingsman  rating:nc17  type:slash  genre:AT  genre:drama  genre:angst  pairing:eggsyunwin/harryhart  status:complete  count:40000-50000 
january 2016 by slashpimp
Ace of Spades
“This is your next target,” Merlin said into Harry’s earpiece, as Harry leaned forward to look at his laptop screen.

It blacked out, for a moment, then a clip out of some interview began to play. The video was in black and white, crisply and tightly shot, its subject a young man shown seated from the waist up, against a pale gray background, grinning at the camera. He was probably in his mid twenties, dressed down in a black leather jacket over a pale t-shirt, loose over denim jeans, his hair long enough to feather slightly over his forehead, a hint of stubble over his chin. He was also, quite possibly, the most beautiful young man Harry had ever seen, and disturbingly… familiar, somehow.

As the young man laughed noiselessly at the camera, elegant serif type faded over the lower third of the screen: Gary Unwin, by Vanity Fair. Harry blinked, and studied the young man’s pretty face more closely, the crinkling around his eyes, the joyous curl to his mouth, the way he sat, relaxed yet alert, like a hunting hound, waiting to come to heel.
author:manicintent  fandom:kingsman  rating:nc17  type:slash  genre:AT  genre:drama  pairing:eggsyunwin/harryhart  status:complete  count:40000-50000 
january 2016 by slashpimp
the parting glass
The words shrivel and die between them.

Harry's chest hitches on an indrawn breath. The contours of his face are cast dramatically in the fiery hues of the street at night, highlighting the wrinkle in his forehead and the soft slope of his chin and the silvery pink of his scar.

He's beautiful, and Eggsy loves him.

“I miss you.” The confession falls. It lands heavily onto the pavement, cracking into the asphalt. “You're alive, you're right in fucking front of me, and I still miss you.”
author:kirkaut  fandom:kingsman  rating:nc17  type:slash  genre:postcanon  genre:drama  genre:angst  pairing:eggsyunwin/harryhart  warning:violence  status:complete  count:40000-50000 
january 2016 by slashpimp

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