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Ann Coulter blasts Trump on immigration while Jerome Corsi talks all things Roger Stone - YouTube
In this episode of "Skullduggery TV,” co-hosts Michael Isikoff and Dan Klaidman welcome Jerome Corsi, a potential key witness in the Mueller investigation, to discuss his current relationship with Roger Stone. Next, on-again-off-again Trump supporter Ann Coulter joins to dish on Trump, the immigra
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The Mob Vetoes Ann Coulter | The American Conservative
Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis held that people must be able to discuss and criticize unpopular ideas, that free speech is not an abstract virtue but a key element at the heart of a democratic society. Even the fact that speech is likely to result in “violence or in destruction of property is not enough to justify its suppression.” Brandeis concluded “the deterrents to be applied to prevent violence and disruption are education and punishment for violations of the law, not abridgment of free speech.”

Free speech is not an ends, it is a means, in a democracy. Shame on two of America’s prominent universities for treading on that mighty concept. Free speech is messy, and it is our essential defense against fascism, whether from the left or the right.
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