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Astell&Kern's Best Player Packs 8-Cores And Costs A Cool Six Grand
9 June 2017 – Music lovers like us may think that the AK Jr music players already qualify as a big upgrade from our iPhones. But there’s a small elite of audiophiles who demand the best, even at eye-watering prices. Feast your eyes on the freshly launched A&ultima SP1000, from popular music-player brand Astell&Kern. With...

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Astell&Kern’s  Best  Player  Packs  8-Cores  And  Costs  A  Cool  Six  Grand 
16 days ago by vrzone
The AWS spend of a SaaS side-business – Crafting Cronitor
Cloud solutions like elastic load balancing are generally engineered for the average use case. Think about the ways you are not like the average.
hosting  costs  aws  ops  devops 
19 days ago by tswaterman

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