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Software Maintenance: Understanding and Estimating Costs
Author Maintenance as a % of Build Cost
Daniel D. Galorath 75%
Stephen R. Schach 67%
Thomas M. Pigoski >80%
Robert L. Glass 40% – 80%
Jussi Koskinen >90%"
nice graphic for application maintenance about corrective, adaptive, preventive, and perfective categories
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6 days ago by earth2marsh
Article Processing Charge Hyperinflation and Price Insensitivity: An Open Access Sequel to the Serials Crisis
Open access publishing has frequently been proposed as a solution to the serials crisis, which involved unsustainable budgetary pressures on libraries due to hyperinflation of subscription costs. The majority of open access articles are published in a minority of journals that levy article processing charges (APCs) paid by authors or their institutions upon acceptance. Increases in APCs is proceeding at a rate three times that which would be expected if APCs were indexed according to inflation. ...
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15 days ago by marlened
Why Apple's New Monitor Stand Costs $999
The Apple Pro Display XDR was launched at the 2019 WWDC alongside the Mac Pro – to great excitement from pro users and pundits alike. Only one issue: the US$5,999 monitor ships without a stand – it takes a whopping US$999 top-up to purchase the proprietary Apple option. The new Pro Display XDR matches the...

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Why  Apple’s  New  Monitor  Stand  Costs  $999 
16 days ago by vrzone
How Much Will it Cost to Repair or Renovate Your Toronto Home?
Detailed list of estimated repair and renovation costs in Ontario.
renovation  costs  toronto  reference  house 
29 days ago by shazow
Cost-benefit analysis for FAIR research data - Publications Office of the EU
FAIR research data encompasses the way to create, store and publish research data in a way that they are findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. In order to be FAIR, research data published should meet certain criteria described by the FAIR principles. FAIR originated from the current patchy data management practices in EU, which are not optimal yet. Several local initiatives, as well as global ones, are making the move towards an infrastructure supporting the FAIR principl...
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5 weeks ago by marlened

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