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Billions lost in nuclear power projects, with more bills due | Miami Herald
A decade ago, utilities were persuading politicians around the country to let them spend big to go nuclear.
MiamiHerald  nuclear  costs 
8 days ago by northernpass
Billions lost in nuclear power projects, with more bills due | Miami Herald
A decade ago, utilities were persuading politicians around the country to let them spend big to go nuclear.
MiamiHerald  nuclearpower  costs 
8 days ago by eversourcenh
Letter: Eversource claims warrant skepticism editor Nancy West, commenting on the Monitor’s July 16 editorial “Bridging the gap of energy eras,” said, “Interesting that a newspaper that hasn’t bothered to cover the 20 or so adjudicative hearings being held right in Concord holds itself out as an expert on Northern Pass.” I agree.
ConcordMonitor  letter  InDepthNH  scrubber  costs 
9 days ago by northernpass
Cloud Storage Providers: How Much Do They Really Charge?
For Backblaze B2, this means that no matter how much data you have, the cost for B2 is $0.005/GB per month for data storage and $0.02/GB to download data. There are no costs to upload. We also throw in 10GB of storage and 1GB of downloads for free every month.
cloud  storage  costs 
12 days ago by euler
Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) | WBDG Whole Building Design Guide
Life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) is a method for assessing the total cost of facility ownership. It takes into account all costs of acquiring, owning, and disposing of a building or building system.
lifecycle-assessment  buildings  costs  economics 
15 days ago by dilibrary
Efficient Commercial HVAC Systems Reduce Operating Costs
Facility managers and property managers are always looking for new ways to improve the efficiency of their commercial HVAC systems in order to reduce the operating costs of their commercial HVAC systems.
commercial  HVAC  systems  reducing  operating  costs  efficient 
18 days ago by Adventure_Web
Julian burnside on asylum seeker costs
asylum  costs 
5 weeks ago by infinite8horizon
After the Fire | Abi Wilkinson
Ultimately, this is a story about contempt. The contempt for human life displayed by whoever was responsible for choosing to go with cheaper, more flammable cladding to save a measly few thousand pounds—in a borough where wealthier residents will happily drop that sort of cash on a last minute weekend break or a fancy bottle of wine. The contempt towards social tenants shown by a council which clearly believed its primary role was to represent the interests of those more affluent voters, and god help anyone who dares get in its way. The contempt of Theresa May for the people who suffer as a result of the policies her party promotes—proudly cutting public services and health and safety regulations—and really for anyone who might answer back.
GrenfellTower  fire  KensingtonAndChelsea  KCTMO  safety  socialHousing  inequality  cladding  costs  deregulation  standards  accountability  contempt  dctagged  dc:creator=WilkinsonAbi 
6 weeks ago by petej

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