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Overlanding costs analyzed: A full break down! - Backroad Vagrants
One of the fundamental questions during your overland journey planning stages is budget. It all comes down to money and time, in the end! Overlanding costs depend on a bunch of factors. While you can certainly influence your route, amount of driving or how often you spend money on a hotel room or a fancy dinner, there is also quite a bit of luck involved. An expensive repair on your vehicle can set you back by a couple of thousand euros in no-time.
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yesterday by mvh
Playing the Return on Equity Slot Machine | RTO Insider
FERC’s delay in responding to a 2017 appellate ruling vacating its order on New England transmission rates has created the risk of an endless series of “pancaked” rate cases, a panel told the Energy Bar Association’s annual meeting last week.
RTOInsider  FERC  transmission  costs  roe  ratecase 
6 days ago by northernpass
Playing the Return on Equity Slot Machine | RTO Insider
FERC’s delay in responding to a 2017 appellate ruling vacating its order on New England transmission rates has created the risk of an endless series of “pancaked” rate cases, a panel told the Energy Bar Association’s annual meeting last week.
RTOInsider  ferc  transmission  costs  ROE  ratecase 
6 days ago by eversourcenh
Why the term 'Article Processing Charge' (APC) is misleading - Green Tea and Velociraptors
The term ‘article processing charge’, or APC, is ubiquitous in discussions about Open Access. It refers to the author-facing charge levied by many publishers in order to make an article freely available on their website. Now, putting aside the fact that this system actively discriminates against less-wealthy authors and institutes, I think that the term APC itself is incredibly misleading. Furthermore, I believe that this misdirection occurs in favour of publishers, to the detriment of all other...
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10 days ago by marlened
Addicted to Edicts: The Latest Solar Insanity
Sacramento California officials have been obsessed this year about the ongoing housing crisis, as home prices soar out of reach of most of the state’s residents and as rent prices consume an ever-greater portion of people’s incomes. Absurdly high housing costs — driven by local growth controls and burdensome state regulatory requirements — are the main reason that California has the nation’s highest cost-of-living-adjusted poverty rate, at around 20 percent. In a normal place, lawmakers would respond by pre-empting local growth restrictions, reforming a state law (the California Environmental Quality Act, or CEQA) that makes it too easy for no-growth
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10 days ago by car-re
The Grumpy Economist: Why not taxes?
I don't think we can pay for European social programs with European taxes, because Europe can't do it. Their debt/GDP ratios are similar to ours. And their lower growth rates both are the result of this system and compound the problem. Many European countries are responding exactly as we suggest, with deep reforms to their social programs -- less state-paid health insurance, more stringent eligibility requirements and so on.
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5 weeks ago by HispanicPundit

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