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Bryan Lehrer
What are the results of Costco's fairness? Quantitatively speaking, Costco is a very healthy company. It has grown steadily since its inception, through boom and bust, and in just the past year has doubled its stock price. Wall St. loves to rank on Costco for not maximizing short term shareholder value through short term cost cutting measures (i.e. cutting wages) but you could argue that for long term holders, Costco's stock is aided by these non extractive values. One illustration of this is that despite the ongoing 'Death of Retail', Costco has never closed a retail location over bad performance. The same can't be said of many other retail rivals, including Costco's closest wholesale counterpart, the Walmart-owned Sam's Club.
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15 days ago by dano
Audi designed a Bosendorfer grand piano for its 100th anniversary
You may want to check out Costco Item No. 100476445, a Bosendorfer grand piano designed by Audi for its 100th anniversary in 2009. But act fast. The warehouse club's website states that only one such piano is available at the low, low price of $249,999.99.
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6 weeks ago by automotive
In Search of the Perfect Blades...
The wiper blades on the new car were shot. I decided to get the Costco's Michelin blades. That was my first mistake...
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6 weeks ago by ethauvin

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