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The good news and the bad news from the Met are all one tale | James Shulman | Pulse | LinkedIn
While the Met had budgeted for an $8 million deficit in 2015-2016, the administration and the Board realized during the year that they were actually on track for a $23 million deficit and that even larger structural deficits loomed in the out years. The digital staff – of 65 people – and the exciting expansion of digital strategy in the years since 2000 were part of the financial challenge. 
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2 days ago by danamuses
The million dollar engineering problem
Smart techniques for reducing AWS Dynamo and ECS bill
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2 days ago by coldclimate
Eversource hikes cost of Laconia project after alleged deadline change | New Hampshire
The state’s largest utility has raised the price of burying power lines in the Lakeside Avenue project because the city said it needed the work finished by this month, not by May as was originally planned.
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3 days ago by eversourcenh
The million dollar engineering problem
After a three months of focused work, we managed to cut our AWS bill by over one million dollars annually. Here is the story of how we did it.
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6 days ago by fjordaan
The million dollar engineering problem
After being in the weeds for three months, we managed to hit our goal. We eliminated over $1m dollars in annual spend off our AWS bill. And managed to increase our average utilization by 20%.
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7 days ago by euler
The million dollar engineering problem
How cut $1M/year from their AWS bill
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9 days ago by chris.heisel
Medicare Spending at the End of Life: A Snapshot of Beneficiaries Who Died in 2014 and the Cost of Their Care | The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
"Spending on Medicare beneficiaries in their last year of life accounts for about 25% of total Medicare spending on beneficiaries age 65 or older."
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10 days ago by dandv
Donald Trump Has Call Centers in the Philippines Worried - Bloomberg
The average cost of a full-time business process outsourcing employee in the Philippines is about $19,300 a year, compared with $72,300 in the U.K. and $91,100 in the U.S., according to consulting firm Everest Group. The cost calculation includes salaries and expenses related to benefits, administration, facilities, technology and others.
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13 days ago by wmaceyka

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