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$149 Low Cost Virtual Machine Server | UDOO x86
$149 Low Cost Virtual Machine Server | UDOO x8
$149  Low  Cost  Virtual  Machine  Server  |  UDOO  x86  -  proxmox  novaspirit 
13 days ago by kilroy2
Arvind Narayanan on Twitter: "Four cents to deanonymize: Companies reverse hashed email addresses Many companies offer email addresses deanonymization, reversing the (superficial) privacy protection afforded by hashing. Hashed emai
4 cents to reverse out email addresses from hashes. I guess the pre-image space of email addresses is not very large? You need more iterations to increase the cost to attackers, but that may not be enough for a limited space like this. Normally you would add a large salt to increase the size of the space, but the ability to do that might depend on the application.
hashing  cryptography  computation  cost 
15 days ago by jcretan
Quantifying the Costs of Builds | Gradle Enterprise Blog
I love this post from @hans_d on "Quantifying the Cost of Builds" - . It's always eye openin…
devops  build  cost  costofdelay  ci  cd  continuousdelivery  continuousintegration  gradle  bestpractices 
20 days ago by eeichinger
3D Printer Job Cost Calculator - IC3D Printers
We created this little calculator for our friends who run 3D printer farms in their garage as a side business. It’s a quick way to give your customer a quote on a job. The “cost per hour” field lets you easily play with what you want to charge for printing time.

As a fun thing to do, try inputting different costs for “cheap” filament vs. “expensive” filament. Then, try adding 30 mins to the “job time” to simulate having to unclog a jammed extruder / hot-end for using cheap filament and check out the difference in final cost. This is why we put more time and energy into quality over cost.
3d  print  printer  printing  job  cost  calculator  calculation  tool  time  markup  length  duration 
23 days ago by 44sunsets
China’s New Cyber Rules Add to Cost of Doing Business There
China's new VPN restrictions - limiting use of VPNS to those that are government-approved will make doing business in China both more complicated and expensive, write Liza Lin and Yoko Kubota for the Wall Street Journal:

"Under rules that [took] effect Saturday, businesses can use only VPNs approved by the government. Business groups and consultants see the VPN changes as part of a broader campaign by Chinese authorities to tighten their chokehold over Chinese cyberspace. Before the changes, the VPN rules 'were extremely vague with little to no enforcement,' said the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai and consulting firm Control Risks in a recent report, adding that China is moving to ban 'everything that is not approved, registered, or reviewed by the government'...Harley Seyedin, the president of the American Chamber of Commerce in South China, said businesses might be spending more than they need to but don’t want to run the risk of violating the law. 'Just to be safe, you do this; to be safe, you do that,' he said. 'If things were more clear, you wouldn’t be spending that money.'"
otf  china  vpn  access  business  cost  economics 
23 days ago by dmcdev
Mobile health app development costs $425,000 on average, likely continuing to rise | MobiHealthNews
The average cost of development for a mobile health app from conception to launch is approximately $425,000, with nearly half of this expense outsourced to third-party app development agencies or freelancers, according to new research data recently released from a Research2Guidance survey of 2,400 mobile health stakeholders conducted over the summer.
digital-health  App  cost 
26 days ago by PieroRivizzigno
10 Key Questions You Should Ask before Formulating a Disaster Recovery Plan for SQL Server
Know the key questions you need to ask while you are working on a Disaster recovery plan.
Disaster  Recovery  Plan  Service  Level  Agreement  SQL  Server  Cost  of  Downtime  recover  mdf 
27 days ago by DataNumen

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