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NHS slams big pharma in High Court row over drug pricing powers
The row is over powers introduced in April giving NHS England the right to ration costly medicines, including if they are expected to cost more than £20m in any of their first three years of use. Previously medicines signed off as clinically effective and good value for money by public drug price regulator Nice had to be automatically funded and made available by the NHS within three months. [...] The drugmakers argue the changes will limit patients’ access to cutting-edge treatments, particularly for rare diseases where the benefits are large but the patient numbers are small. In their claim the drug firms argue Nice acted beyond its powers to introduce the so-called budget impact test and failed to consult properly with ­industry on the detail of the proposals.
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The Cost Of Being A Woman L Glamour | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
The Cost of Being a Woman l Glamour We took a look at income equality by highlighting how much more (time and money) it costs to be a woman vs. a man. Model: Rayna Starr (@raynastarr) Still haven’t subscribed to Glamour on YouTube?►► Beauty tips straight from the pros. Get makeup how-tos, eye makeup […]
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Download Debbie Allen (You Got Dreams, Well Dreams Cost, And Right Here Is Where You Star… HD | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Debbie Allen (You got dreams, well dreams cost, and right here is where you star… Debbie Allen (You got dreams, well dreams cost, and right here is where you start payin', in sweat!) Debbie Allen (You got dreams, well dreams cost, and right here is where you star…
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People will experience a stunning feature in Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8
The fever to use Apple’s iPhone is increasing day by day with its new phones coming on the market every year. However, to prove itself as one of the best phone manufacturers, Apple is soon going to launch it’s another iPhone, i.e., iPhone 8. It seems like the phone has been equipped with all modern technology.
iphone  8  specs  cost  battery  release  date  2017 
16 days ago by dennyfar
La gratuité, un projet de société (Le Monde diplomatique, octobre 2012)
D'Aubagne à Hasselt, de plus en plus nombreuses sont les communes européennes qui pratiquent la gratuité des transports publics. Peu connues, ces initiatives ont souvent rencontré l'hostilité, non seulement des milieux patronaux, mais également d'une partie de la population, pourtant sensibilisée aux idées progressistes. Sur le terrain, l'expérience est riche d'enseignements et incite à réfléchir au type de société que nous voulons construire.
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