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Facebook turns 12 — trillions in time wasted
Facebook's users spent an aggregate of 10.5 billion minutes per day on the platform (excluding mobile) by 2012.

In Feb 2016, FB had ~1.6 billion monthly active users, each worth $3.73 in revenue on the average *worldwide* (much more for Americans)

people all over the world have spent a collective 55 million years on Facebook since the beginning of 2009

FB has occupied enough time to inhibit more than $3 trillion in hypothetical labor since the end of 2008

To be fair, most users would probably be doing something else equally unproductive if they weren't on Facebook
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8 days ago by dandv
How much does a website cost? | Fulfilli
Fulfilli — How much does a website cost?

“ Found this on Reddit. Generated LOTS of discussion about whether their pricing is right. Could be useful if they get it right and find the right revenue model, but I've seen a bunch of these before that have never quite found an audience or product-market fit. ”
– Neil Cocker

Discussion | Link
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12 days ago by kpieper876

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