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How Much Does a Website Cost in Ireland? - Waterford Web Design
Example 2: Top level design, mobile friendly, 50 pages of SEO optimised content

Design: 3 days
CSS+HTML: 3 days
Mobile Friendly: 3 days
CMS Config with SEO plugins, security etc: 2 days
Content Upload: 70 hrs
SEO: 50 hrs
Stock Images: €250
Cloud Hosting+Domain: €160
Support Contract: 1 day per month

Cheapest quote to expect: 3K
Most expensive: 15K+VAT
website  design  ireland  cost 
5 hours ago by fallond
Spotting a Million Dollars in Your AWS Account · Segment Blog
Segment is the analytics API you've always wanted. It's the easiest way to install all of your favorite analytics tools at once!
aws  devops  cost 
7 days ago by michaelfox
Free Speech and Hate Speech – Extra Newsfeed
The First Amendment was created with a specific, deadly threat to this marketplace in mind: the state using its power to pick and choose ideas. But to create a thriving marketplace, we need to ensure that other methods of suppressing speech don’t destroy it, either. In particular, people and groups using speech to prevent other people’s speech can close the marketplace just as thoroughly. This is especially important when the shutdown of speech isn’t politically uniform — if it shuts down some speech more than others.
Hate speech has the particular ability to shut down speech by minority groups more than that by majority groups. The powerful can shrug it off; others can’t. It’s not that it destroys people, but it imposes a cost on their speech or their visibility. And costs are what keep people out of a market. In this way, hate speech harms the very marketplace of ideas that is fundamental to our democracy and our society.
hate  speech  harassment  cost  assymetry 
12 days ago by Quercki
Low Effort / High Value? Think Again… – John Cutler – Medium
A frequent way to prioritize work is to rank work items by effort and value. This falls flat for a couple reasons:High, medium, low value … does not reflect your confidence level. Some things have a low probability of being big winners. via Pocket
product  management  value  cost  estimation 
20 days ago by jjames
Cost of Delay — Black Swan Farming
Cost of Delay is a way of communicating the impact of time on the outcomes we hope to achieve. More formally, it is the partial derivative of the total expected value with respect to time. via Pocket
product  management  value  cost  estimation 
20 days ago by jjames
Value: a framework for thinking — Black Swan Farming
How might we think about the potential value of the products and services we could develop? Is there some way of structuring our thoughts so as to more quickly surface the potential value? I want to explain a bit about the background and development of a framework that attempts to do just that. via Pocket
product  management  value  cost  estimation 
20 days ago by jjames
Home remodeling cost guides to help you make the best decisions in your next remodeling project.
home  remodel  cost  estimation 
23 days ago by britt

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