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Jaw-Dropping Photo of Orion Nebula Is Loaded With Beauty and Packed With Science
A new photo of the Orion Nebula is gorgeous, and unveils a mystery about how stars are born.
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4 days ago by mattsaler
Colliding Neutron Stars Could Settle Cosmology’s Biggest Controversy | Quanta Magazine
Newly discovered “standard sirens” provide an independent, clean way to measure how fast the universe is expanding.
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4 weeks ago by gmisra
Colliding neutron stars apply kiss of death to theories of gravity | Ars Technica
Primary alternative to dark matter can't deal with gravitational waves' speed.
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6 weeks ago by gmisra
Universe shouldn’t exist, CERN physicists conclude
A super-precise measurement shows proton and antiproton have identical magnetic properties
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6 weeks ago by flyingcloud
Universe shouldn’t exist, CERN physicists conclude | Cosmos
A super-precise measurement shows proton and antiproton have identical magnetic properties, writes Cathal O’Connell.
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6 weeks ago by geetarista
CERN Scientists Conclude that the Universe Should Not Exist - Slashdot
Scientists at CERN are bemused as to why the universe exists, according to a new study. From a report, shared by a reader:
Recent discoveries suggest that there's a perfect symmetry between matter and antimatter - meaning it's not clear why they didn't annihilate each other upon the birth of the universe. CERN's latest study sought to find out whether different magnetic properties accounted for matter's seeming victory after the Big Bang, but found another point of symmetry. Essentially, going by our findings so far, there simply shouldn't be a universe.
Further reading: Universe shouldn't exist, CERN physicists conclude - Cosmos Magazine.
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6 weeks ago by gardencat
The Canonical Artefact
In the second edition of Where is Everybody? I discuss what Gerard Foschini calls the canonical artefact (TCA) — a flag for the presence of an advanced intelligent life-form.

I don’t propose to discuss the details of TCA in this post — you can read the book if you’re interested — but I do want to provide an update. I was fairly sure that no-one had constructed an example of TCA, but yesterday Foschini emailed me a photo of it: he built it out of coin stacks with black rubber test tube stoppers as separators. Below, shown with gratitude, is Foschini’s TCA.
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6 weeks ago by zzkt

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