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Red Elizabethan Corset
Red Elizabethan Corset. Make this at some point.
corset  bodice  diy 
march 2016 by miscellany
J2, crossdressing, delayed gratification, spanking, bottom!Jensen
That morning Jared had dressed Jensen in very fine lace panties, ultra short skirt (that pretty much revealed everything whenever he bends forward at all), and a nipped in tight corset.

They'ved stayed in all day, doing chores, reading, watching TV etc, and now it is evening and finally, after them both being so hard for hours they get to have some fun, and it all starts when Jared grabs Jensen, tips him over his knee, flips up that skirt and starts spanking him over the panties.
kink:panties  kink:teasing  kink:over-the-knee  rps  spanking  pairing:jared/jensen  bottom!Jensen  crossdressing  corset  :spn  top!Jared 
july 2015 by Mayalaen
bottom!jensen, first-time, corset-fetish, size-kink
Jensen is dressed in a very tightly laced corset the first time he meets Jared (fancy dress at a party or whatever), and all Jared can think about is getting him alone and pulling those laces tighter, kissing him until he cannot breath, then fucking him.

Whe Jared see's the broom cupboard (or whathaveyou) off to the side he seizes his chance...

Ideally this will be Surprised!Jensen but very willing after a minute or two.
rps  sizekink  firsttime  pairing:jared/jensen  bottom!Jensen  breathplay  corset  :spn  top!Jared  kissing 
june 2015 by Mayalaen

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