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BC’s last Climate “Leadership” Plan was written in big oil’s boardroom (literally) : Policy Note
RT @ClimateVoters: Wow @CCPA_BC! @OilGasCanada back room influence on @bcliberals #climate plan - time for a fresh start @GeorgeHeyman
bc  corruption  mitigation  climate 
21 hours ago by badeconomist
Trump's petty grift
Receipt for overpriced hotel room at taxpayer expense. Trump personally benefits.
trump  maralago  hotel  corruption  fraud  politics 
3 days ago by nelson
EU report on weedkiller safety copied text from Monsanto study | Environment | The Guardian
Exclusive: EU’s food safety watchdog recommended that glyphosate was safe but pages of report were identical to application from pesticide maker
Monsanto  glyphosate  lobby  European  Union  herbicide  pesticide  carcinogen  carcinogenic  fungicide  corruption  vested  interest 
3 days ago by asterisk2a
What to Do If Secondary SQL Server Database in Your Replication Miss Data
Replication is a widely-used SQL Server concept for maintaining copies of a database at different locations. The major advantage with replication is the Object level control. Though it is easy to set up, an unhealthy replication status might take time to fix. In this article, we will learn how to fix secondary databases that are out of sync.
Secondary  SQL  Server  Database  Replication  Miss  Data  Object  level  control  corruption 
4 days ago by DataNumen

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