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Brexit campaign chief must be hauled before Commons, say MPs | Politics | The Guardian
In which Dominic Cummings, the one eyed-man (etc.), is both a liar and a hypocrite. For money.

“This debate is no longer about Brexit. It is simply about the law and how democracy was perverted by the breaking of it. None of the directors of Vote Leave or the ministers on its board and committees have been held to account. There are people who oversaw this illegal activity still working in government, deciding the future of this country.

“The sheer disrespect that Dominic Cummings has shown toward parliament and that [former Vote Leave chief executive] Matthew Elliott has demonstrated in interviews toward our authorities is testimony to how tainted Westminster has become. Everyone involved must be held to account, otherwise we’re going to lose a lot more than just cheap flights to Europe come March 2019.”
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EU sawmill firms accused of colluding in destruction of Ukraine’s forest | KyivPost
But the same European firms that have profited from illegal logging across Ukraine lobbied the EU to press Ukraine to end the ban, with Brussels threatening to withhold a 600-million-euro loan in exchange for the lifting of the moratorium.

The Kyiv Post covered the involvement of Austrian firms in illegal logging in 2016, and how those same firms lobbied the European Union to pressure Ukraine to end its moratorium.

Big name European firms like Egger, Schweighofer, and Swiss-Krono are named in the report. Schweighofer, which was accused of illegal logging in Romania in 2015, said that it was taking Earthsight’s findings seriously and that it complies with all local laws and regulations.
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GOP candidate calls woman 'young and naive' for asking about fossil fuel industry donations
"You've said that climate change is a result of people's body heat, and are refusing to take action on the issue," Strauss said. "Does this have anything to do with the $200,000 that you have taken from the fossil fuel industry?"

Wagner laughs off the question initially, calling Rose naive — prompting applause and laughter from the crowd. "Are we here to elect a governor or elect a scientist?" Wagner asked.
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Nunes used political dollars for $15K in Celtics tickets, winery tours and Vegas trips
California Republican Rep. Devin Nunes used political donations to fund tickets to Celtics basketball games, winery tours and lavish trips to Vegas, multiple groups are accusing, pointing to public Federal Election Commission reports.
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Trump-Putin press conference: the Russia scandal is about elite impunity - Vox
The Russia scandal is about more than collusion. It’s also about the corruption of America’s elites.
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New York governor opens door to criminal case against Trump Foundation | Reuters
Lawsuit in preparation, New York may sue Trump and
family members for using nonprofit as a “checkbook”
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Intel Operative who Altered Obama's Passport Records Turned FBI Informant on Boss John Brennan, Then Turned Up Murdered in D.C. – True PunditTrue Pundit
A key witness in a federal probe into Barack Obama’s passport information stolen and altered from the State Department was gunned down and killed in front of a District church in D.C.

Lt. Quarles Harris Jr., 24, who had been cooperating with a federal investigators, was found late at night slumped dead inside a car. He was reportedly waiting to meet with FBI agents about his boss John Brennan.

Back in March 2008, the State Department launched an investigation of improper computer access to the passport records of Barack Hussein Obama, and days later those of Hillary Clinton and John McCain. The investigation centered on one employee: a contract worker for a company that was headed by Brennan, a key Obama campaign adviser who later became assistant to the president and deputy national security adviser for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism. Ultimately Brennan was appointed CIA director.
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2 days ago by astrogirl
Ted Cruz Was Just Found Unanimously Guilty Of Violating U.S. Election Law
The Federal Election Commission has issued a rare unanimous decision against Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). The agency has found that Cruz violated federal election law in his campaign for Senate in 2012.

The FEC determined that Cruz improperly handled $1.1 million in campaign loans from Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. The Senator claimed it was his own money that fueled his campaign, and not that of either investment bank.
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