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BuzzFeed: Trump Directed Cohen To Lie To Congress About A Trump Tower In Moscow : NPR
Michael Cohen, former personal lawyer for Donald Trump, has admitted he lied to Congress about efforts to build a Trump Tower in Russia. Now, a BuzzFeed News report says Cohen reportedly told investigators that he lied to lawmakers about the real estate project at Trump's direction.
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Michael Cohen does not dispute report that he paid tech firm to rig polls for Trump - The Washington Post
Cohen responded on Twitter to a Wall Street Journal story that said Cohen had promised to pay $50,000 to a small firm run by the chief information officer at Liberty University in Virginia, where evangelical leader and Trump supporter Jerry Falwell Jr. is president.
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Why Won't Mitch McConnell End Shutdown? He's Up for Re-Election
Democrats have bashed McConnell for abdicating responsibility by refusing to line up votes, but he has not budged. The big question is this: Why has McConnell, whose primary motivation has always been protecting Senate Republicans from negative publicity, hung his fellow senators out to dry on the unpopular shutdown and opened them up to widespread criticism?

It’s true that McConnell cares deeply about the electoral fates of his GOP colleagues. But he also cares about his own. And Mitch McConnell is up for re-election in 2020.

McConnell’s major problem is that, in Kentucky and across the country, he is not particularly likable. He is among the most unpopular of America’s senators, with just a 38 percent approval rating, according to the most recent poll from Morning Consult.
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Old land deal quietly haunts Mick Mulvaney as he serves as Trump’s chief of staff  - The Washington Post
Eventually, the project fell apart. The mall never got built. And Mulvaney moved on, building a political career as a firebrand fiscal hawk and tea party pioneer in Congress who railed against out-of-control government deficits — eventually rising a few weeks ago to be President Trump’s acting chief of staff.

Fonville, however, said his company has not received the $2.5 million with interest that he said it is owed. In explaining the debt to a Senate committee during his 2017 confirmation hearing, Mulvaney cast it as a casualty of a bad real estate deal, saying the sum “will go unpaid.”
2019-01  government  politics  gop  teaparty  corruption 
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Kremlin Blessed Russia’s NRA Operation, U.S. Intel Report Says
When Maria Butina and Alexander Torshin brought NRA bigwigs to Moscow, it wasn’t a rogue mission. It was OKed from the very top, according to a report reviewed by The Daily Beast.
2019-01  russian  NRA  corruption  politics 
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Trump Literally Did Not Understand What a Shutdown Would Do
Just as Trump did not expect to win the election and neglected to plan for his transition, he shut down the government on a whim, after right-wing media complained about his plan to approve a government funding bill. Nobody in the administration had a clear understanding of just what a shutdown would entail. Two devastating reports in the Washington Post over the weekend detail the horrifying scope of their ignorance. The administration did not realize that 38 million Americans lose their food stamps under a shutdown, nor did it know that thousands of tenants would face eviction without assistance from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
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Donald Trump Told Michael Cohen To Lie To Congress About Moscow Tower Project
"This revelation is not the first evidence to suggest the president may have attempted to obstruct the FBI and special counsel investigations into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. But Cohen's testimony marks a significant new frontier: It is the first known example of Trump explicitly telling a subordinate to lie directly about his own dealings with Russia. On the campaign trail, Trump vehemently denied having any business interests in Russia. But behind the scenes, he was pushing the Moscow project, which he hoped could bring his company profits in excess of $300 million. The two law enforcement sources said he had at least 10 face-to-face meetings with Cohen about the deal during the campaign."

Are we Watergate yet? Yes. Yes, we are Watergate now.
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