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GitHub - qingwei91/basil: An overly forgiving Json data extractor that does not have a Json AST
An overly forgiving Json data extractor that does not have a Json AST - qingwei91/basil
json  parser  corrupted  flow  file  opensource  floss 
december 2018 by gilberto5757
2 Methods to Batch Change the Fonts of All Comments in an Excel Workbook
After inserting many comments in an Excel workbook, you may want to customize the fonts of all the comments. In this situation, you can refer to this article. Here we will share you 2 easy methods.
change  comment  font  corrupted  Excel 
june 2018 by DataNumen
6 Most Common Cases when Data Recovery Is Highly Required
Some users are perplexed about when it’s essential to call in data recovery for their computers. Therefore, in this article, we will uncover the 6 most common situations in detail.
Bad  Sectors  Blue  Screen  CHKDSK  Corrupted  Data  Recovery  Missing  Files/Folders  PST  corruption  Strange  Sounds 
june 2018 by DataNumen
How to Use a Layered Backup Strategy to Protect Your Access Data
In this article explore the concept of a layered backup strategy for protecting MS Access data. We also look at the need for failsafe recovery software as a measure of last resort.
Layered  Backup  Strategy  MS  Access  failsafe  recovery  software  remote  backups  corrupted  mdb 
march 2018 by DataNumen
3 Best Practices to Build Effective Relationship Tables in MS Access
In this article, we are going to discuss in detail how effective relationship tables can be designed in MS Access and discuss 3 best practices for building them.
Relationship  Table  MS  Access  one-to-many  many-to-many  corrupted  mdb 
march 2018 by DataNumen
In-depth Understand of Vertical Partitioning in SQL Server
The article explains in depth the use of Vertical Partitioning in improving the performance and maximizing I/O operations on a SQL server.
Vertical  Partitioning  maximizing  I/O  operations  improving  the  performance  SQL  server  Large  Databases  corrupted  mdf 
march 2018 by DataNumen
How to Repair Corrupted Windows System Files with the SFC and DISM Commands
How to Repair Corrupted Windows System Files with the SFC and DISM Commands
Repair  Corrupted  Windows  System  Files  with  the  SFC  and  DISM  Commands 
march 2018 by kilroy2
4 Ways to Use MS Access in a Corporate Environment
Through this article, we aim to understand how Access can be used in a Corporate Environment.
Corporate  Environment  MS  Access  Frontend  Application  Backend  Project  Management  SQL  Statements  corrupted 
march 2018 by DataNumen
How to Deal with an Access Error which Mentions Ambiguous Name Detected
In this article, we understand the error ‘Ambiguous name detected’ and how to deal with it.
Ambiguous  Name  Detected  MS  Access  Error  Compile  Database  corrupted  mdb 
march 2018 by DataNumen
How to Deal with Error which Mentions an ID Is Not a Part of Index in MS Access
In this article, we try to find a solution to the error which states that a given ID is not a part of Index in MS Access.
ID  is  not  a  part  of  Index  MS  Access  error  3800  multi-user  network  corrupted 
march 2018 by DataNumen
3 Quick Ways to Recover a Suspect MSDB database in SQL Server
Learn the solutions for recovering a suspect MSDB database in SQL Server
Suspect  MSDB  database  SQL  Server  SSMS  backup  corrupted 
march 2018 by DataNumen
4 Tips to Help You Move beyond Access Data Projects
In this article, we explain you the alternatives when working with Access Data Projects.
Access  Data  Project  Converting  to  App  Linked  Desktop  Databases  Hybrid  Application  framework  corrupted  mdb 
february 2018 by DataNumen
3 Crosstab Query Techniques in MS Access
This article addresses some simple crosstab query techniques which can help while working in MS Access.
Crosstab  query  MS  Access  for  displaying  row  Totals  Display  Zeros  instead  of  Blanks  Specify  Column  Headings  corrupted  mdb 
january 2018 by DataNumen
15 Reasons why You Sometimes Cannot Edit Data in an Access Query
In this article, we have addressed some common reasons that at times, prevent you from editing Data in an Access Query
Edit  Data  Access  Query  GROUP  BY  TRANSFORM  SELECT  JOINs  corrupted 
january 2018 by DataNumen

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