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Small hazmat leak closes weigh station at westbound I-90 near Idaho border
A small hazardous materials leak closed the Washington State Patrol port of entry weigh station on the westbound side of Interstate 90 near the Washington-Idaho border Thursday evening.

The leak had no impact on travel along I-90 or the surrounding area, according to Trooper Jeff Sevigney, a Washington State Patrol spokesman. There was no estimate as to when the weigh station would reopen.

The Spokane Valley Fire Department identified the liquid leaking out of a trailer as a corrosive aluminum cleaner, KHQ reported.
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7 weeks ago by dchas
Firefighters called to toxic, corrosive chemical spill in south Auckland
Firefighters have been called to a toxic chemical spill at a industrial site in south Auckland on Wednesday night.

A Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) spokesman told Stuff emergency services were alerted to the spill at the Verissimo Drive about 9pm.

He described the substance as a toxic, corrosive chemical, however it was not clear exactly what it was.

At least 100 litres of the liquid had spilled, the spokesman added.

Seven fire crews, including two specialist hazmat units, had been called to the Mangere property.
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7 weeks ago by dchas
Paint damage fears for Gateway Motorway drivers after chemical spill
The Queensland Fire and Emergency Service has encouraged drivers to wash the underside of their cars if they drove through the area between 5.30pm and 9.30pm.

"Hi Brissy. There was a different type of delay on the Gateway Mwy near the Depot Rd exit this afternoon," QFES tweeted on Monday night.

"As a precaution, we are recommending anyone who drove nth through the incident to wash underneath their car. We know it's late, but we don't want paint jobs affected."

Firefighters were called to the scene just after 5.30pm after a truck with two 2500-kilogram containers spilt a corrosive liquid across the stretch of road.

The liquid, described by the fire service as "a bisulphite aqueous solution", can cause serious burns to skin and took four hours to clean up.
Australia  transportation  release  response  corrosives 
august 2019 by dchas
Chemical spill prompts Level 2 HazMat response at Tootsie Roll factory in Ford City
A chemical spill at a Tootsie Roll factory Wednesday prompted a Level 2 hazardous materials response in Ford City on the Southwest Side.

Fire officials received a call about a pipe leak about 3:10 a.m. at the factory in the 7400 block of South Cicero Avenue, the Chicago Fire Department said.

A corrosive agent was found leaking from the pipe and the immediate area was evacuated, fire officials said.

The spill has been contained and HazMat crews are now working to determine the exact amount of the leakage, fire officials said. No injuries were reported in the incident.
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july 2019 by dchas
Hazmat spill snarls traffic at I-270/255 and I-55
ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Hazmat crews responded to a hazardous material spill on the interstate in south St. Louis County.

According to the Missouri Department of Transportation, the spill occurred at Interstate 55 and I-255/270 interchange.

Ramps from northbound and southbound I-55 to I-270 were combined into one lane. Two lanes were closed on I-270.

The Mehlville fire chief said the spill was a mild corrosive and it would take several hours to clean up.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said two lanes would likely remain closed through most of the evening rush hour.
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december 2018 by dchas
Tanker truck carrying acid catches fire near Ganado
A tractor-tanker truck carrying acid caught fire Monday morning near Ganado, prompting a highway closure.

The rear tires of a southbound tanker ignited for an unknown reason on U.S. 59, said Chief Deputy Rick Boone, of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. Southbound traffic was detoured.

Deputies were notified of the fire about 7:50 a.m. As of 9:30 a.m., the blaze had been extinguished. Firefighters from Ganado and Edna also were dispatched.

The truck’s tank, which was carrying inorganic N.O.S., a corrosive chemical, was not breached, and no one was reported injured.

Boone added that although nearby residents were not thought to be at risk, county officials were prepared to initiate an evacuation through reverse 911 services.
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november 2018 by dchas
Mangaluru: Chemical leakage from tanker causes eye burn, traffic chaos
Mangaluru, Oct 20: After corrosive hydraulic fluid which was being transported in a tanker from Karwar to Kochi leaked from the tanker and fell on the ten km stretch of the highway between Mulky and NITK tollgate, Suratkal in the early hours of Friday October 19, there was apprehension that it might cause problems. However, after the tollgate staff observed the leakage, fire brigade was called. The fire brigade poured water all along the road and averted any untoward incident. However, several vehicle users complained of eye burn.

Suratkal station house officer, K G Ramakrishna, senior officials of the department and officials of Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers visited the spot. As leakage from the tanker could not be plugged, it was parked on a ground on the adjacent road leading to Lord Sadashiva temple. Police and fire brigade personal guarded the spot. The police said that there are plans of transferring the fluid to another tanker.

Some people who have experience of using this chemical said it might cause danger to eyes if it is too strong. It is said that some gas fumes were coming out of the chemical which had spread on the highway and fire brigade personnel who sprayed water for about half an hour suffered some side affects.
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october 2018 by dchas
Pike County Service Center evacuated as precaution after chemical spill
CHILLICOTHE - A couple of hundred people are estimated to have been evacuated from the Pike County Service Center Wednesday morning.

According to Tim Dickerson, Pike County Emergency Management Agency director, a pump for a cooling tower failed, causing it to spill a lubricating oil on the floor inside a maintenance room.

Sarah Junk, public information officer for the emergency management agency, explained the chemical was classified as an inhalation hazard. A material safety data sheet provided to the Gazette also explained the chemical is toxic if ingested, combustible, and corrosive to the eyes and skin.

Pike County Commissioner Fred Foster, who was at the scene Wednesday morning, said he and Dickerson agreed to evacuate the building as a precaution. While the chemical was contained to the maintenance room, because the doors were open to the rest of the building, it put off a bit of a smell. As soon as officials discovered the smell, Foster said they sent everyone home for the day.
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october 2018 by dchas
Worker's eye removed after chemical accident
A worker had to have his eye removed after an incident involving a corrosive cleaning product at a Tauranga mussel processing plant.

North Island Mussels Limited was handed a $219,375 fine in the Tauranga District Court on Friday.

The worker received $60,000 in reparation for the January 2017 incident.

The worker was decanting a cleaning product when a piece of tubing flicked him in the eye.

* Francois Barton: Health and safety - it's not just red tape
* Complacency rises in workplace health and safety, and we're all to blame

The corrosive product and the impact of the tubing left him with damage so significant that his eye had to be removed. The resulting scarring also meant the victim could not be fitted with a prosthetic eye.

WorkSafe said the worker should not have needed to decant the cleaning product and that a safer system of work would have avoided the incident all together.
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september 2018 by dchas
Hazmat team called for 'minor' chemical spill in Monument High science lab
GREAT BARRINGTON — A minor chemical spill in a science lab at Monument Mountain Regional High School on Thursday prompted a response by firefighters a hazardous materials team and an evacuation of the building.

A science teacher who was preparing her lab for the new school year at around 7 p.m. accidentally knocked over a 2-liter bottle of ammonium hydroxide, which spilled onto the floor, the town's spokesman said in a statement.

The teacher, who was exposed to the solution, was evaluated and declined further treatment, the spokesman said. Several people in the building were evacuated.
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august 2018 by dchas
Mountaire Selbyville chemical spill closes road, injures six
A midday chemical spill closed Hosier Street in Selbyville on Thursday, June 12, at Mountaire’s Selbyville poultry processing plant.

According to authorities, a forklift operator inadvertently pierced a hole in a 500-gallon container of peracetic acid around 11:40 a.m. The hazmat incident occurred at the main building at 55 Hosier Street, right where live-haul trucks are backed into the plant, which sometimes briefly stops traffic.

Mountaire uses peracetic acid as a disinfectant. It’s related to peroxide, a compound of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, but can be corrosive.

“Mountaire received it in diluted form, [which] basically turns into a very strong vinegar, and that’s what the smell was — of a strong vinegar — on the scene,” said Selbyville Volunteer Fire Company Chief Matt Sliwa. “We’re lucky that they get a diluted version,” he said, because at full strength, peracetic acid is lethal at an exposure of between 1 teaspoon to 1 ounce per 150-pound person, according to the EPA.
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july 2018 by dchas
Crews respond to Hazmat incident in West Greenwich
Crews in West Greenwich were on the scene of a hazmat incident Wednesday night.
They responded to Cranston Trucking on Hopkins Hill Road.
The fire chief told NBC 10 that a forklift punctured a 55 gallon drum filled with some type of corrosive chemical.
One person suffered minor injuries but did not need to be transported.
The road was closed for a time but reopened.
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july 2018 by dchas
Chemical spill cleaned up at Whitney Point High School
WHITNEY POINT (WBNG) -- Several emergency response teams rushed to Whitney Point Senior High School Tuesday after a chemical spill.

"A box of chemicals fell off a cart. We immediately evacuated the building and called the response teams," said Whitney Point Central School District Patricia Follette.

A specialist was visiting the school to organize chemicals in the chemistry lab.

A custodian accidentally spilled nitric acid, a highly-corrosive substance.

The specialist let the school know right away and seven response teams came to the scene.

"A hazardous materials incident is quite involved, so it takes multiple resources so we like to do  Office of Emergency Services which is assisted by both HAZMAT teams, New York State Police and obviously the local fire departments, Whitney Point, Lisle, Chenango and Broome County Emergency Squad was here for EMS coverage," said Broome County Fire Coordinator Jeffrey Buckler.

By the time the teams made it into the building, officials said the chemicals had stopped reacting.

"They were no longer off-gassing, basically mitigated the hazard side of the situation in a very short time frame," said Buckler.
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july 2018 by dchas
Road closed after chemical spill in Syracuse
A chemical spill in Syracuse had parts of Hiawatha Boulevard shut down Monday night.

It happened at Complete Packaging Solutions LLC. About 2,500 gallons of a corrosive substance used in paper manufacturing leaked onto the roadway. DEC and hazmat crews were called to the scene.

Officials say the cause of the spill was mechanical failure.

A portion of Hiawatha Boulevard between Sixth North Street and Seventh North Street was closed so crews could clean it up. Several vehicles drove through the spill before it was reported.

"Anything that's not natural is not good to be on the ground," said Syracuse Fire Department District Chief George Cowburn. "So it's not something you want to be walking through, but there's no danger to the public at this point. There's no toxic plume or anything like that to worry about."
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may 2018 by dchas
One child hurt, another charged in Regina playground explosion
12-year-old girl is hurt and a 12-year-old boy is facing charges after Regina police say a chemical explosion went off on a school playground.

Police said the principal reported a chemical explosion Wednesday afternoon on the grounds of the school, which is located in the city’s northwest along 7th Avenue, just south of Sherwood Drive.

Early investigation from police indicates the boy allegedly mixed ingredients together in a closed container, which created an improvised explosive device.

The explosion injured a girl who was nearby. Officers said she was taken to hospital with injuries consistent with a chemical burn.

The boy’s home was searched. Police said they don’t believe this act was directed at any particular individual.

The boy is facing a number of charges, which include using explosives (throwing a corrosive substance), assault with a weapon and mischief under $5,000.
Canada  education  explosion  injury  corrosives 
march 2018 by dchas
Corrosive liquids onboard crashed b-double
Update, 10.45am: A B-DOUBLE truck which ran into a ditch near Bangalow this morning was carrying hazardous materials.
A Fire and Rescue NSW spokesman said a HAZMAT team was tasked to the scene on the northbound off-ramp of the Pacific Highway.

The truck lost control and veered into a 1m ditch earlier this morning.

Fortunately upon investigation the corrosive liquid being carried by the truck were not found to be leaking.

Recovery of the vehicle has now commenced.

Bangalow firefighters are still on the scene asisting the RMS with the clean up operation.
Australia  transportation  release  response  corrosives 
march 2018 by dchas
Classes resume at Berry College after chemical spill, evacuation
The Berry College science building was temporarily evacuated Tuesday due to a chemical spill in a storage room.

Crews have since cleaned up the spill and classes at the Rome school resumed at noon, Berry College spokeswoman Chris Kozelle said.

“All clear,” Kozelle told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Wednesday afternoon.

“Out of an abundance of caution,” one student was taken to Floyd Medical Center in the incident, Kozelle said.

A toxic liquid chemical known as Isobutyl Chloroformate spilled out of a chemical storage room in McAllister Hall. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the chemical is “very corrosive to skin, eyes, and mucous membranes” and “very toxic by ingestion, inhalation and skin absorption.”
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march 2018 by dchas
All lanes of I-65 reopened after chemical fire prompts evacuation in Jackson County
JACKSON COUNTY, Ind. – Indiana State Police say all lanes of I-65 have reopened in Jackson County after a semi crash and chemical fire.

The crash happened around 4:30 a.m. on I-65 southbound near mile marker 43. Traffic was diverted off I-65 at exit 50. Around 11:30 a.m., state police said the northbound lanes were also being closed at exit 41. All houses within half a mile of the crash scene were evacuated, according to Sgt. Stephen Wheeles with Indiana State Police.

A passenger inside Okpeh’s truck was injured in the crash and was taken to an area hospital. His injuries aren’t believed to be life-threatening.

Okpeh’s vehicle was hauling hazardous chemicals, including a non-flammable gas, a corrosive liquid (weed killer), a caustic acid, an oxidizing solid (dantobrom), and a corrosive liquid (glutaradehyde). Some of the containers inside Okpeh’s tank ruptured after the collision and then spilled onto the road. Hazardous materials crews were called to the scene for cleanup.

State police briefly reopened the left lane around 10:30 a.m. and said the right lane was expected to reopen Wednesday afternoon. However, just before 11 a.m., ISP said both southbound lanes were closed again due to “complications from the cleanup.” Crews removing containers from Okpeh’s truck noticed smoke and a “volatile reaction” taking place inside the trailer, leading to the closure of the northbound lanes and the evacuation.
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january 2018 by dchas
Update: State Route 201 at Redwood Road reopens after chemical spill
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Dec. 19, 2017 (Gephardt Daily) — Officials have reopened State Route 201 at Redwood Road following a HazMat situation Tuesday morning.

SR-201 was closed eastbound and westbound after a container containing formic acid fell from a UPS truck just after 11 a.m., Lt. Todd Royce, spokesman for the Utah Highway Patrol, told Gephardt Daily.

Royce said a small delivery truck was headed eastbound on SR-201, and it appears the back latch was not fastened on the truck and the door opened. A package fell out of the back containing five liters of formic acid, which in its concentrated form is corrosive to the skin.

“It’s a very corrosive acid, it’s very, very acidic,” Royce said. “West Valley City HazMat came out to neutralize that acid on the roadway, they tested that to make sure it was all neutral and we were able to open up traffic and traffic is flowing as normal.”
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december 2017 by dchas
Lab, county assure safety of drinking water
Los Alamos County officials and the Department of Energy’s Environmental Management office issued a statement Monday assuring residents of the safety of the county’s drinking water.

Public concern was raised over early November press reports stating that Los Alamos National Laboratory officials weren’t sure of the extent of a decades-old toxic chemical spill in Mortandad Canyon.

The revelation was reportedly made at a hearing held between state lawmakers and LANL officials about the status of a toxic chemical cleanup operation in Mortandad Canyon. The spill is decades old and involves hexavalent chromium, an anti-corrosive agent that was flushed regularly into the canyon from the cooling towers of a LANL power plant from the early 1950s into the mid 1970s.

The chemical is known to cause cancer in humans.

LANL has been working to contain the spill, which is thousands of feet underground and threatens a regional aquifer, from reaching drinking water wells in Los Alamos County and the San Ildefonso Pueblo.
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