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saying it outloud is hard (words are futile devices) - by idreamtofreality (Star Trek Reverse Big Bang)
Dear James Kirk,

That one line is mocking him. Why doesn't he know how to continue? He's written dozens of letters to Vulcan scholars—professional letters—so why can't he do this?

His tablet chimes, now. Spock raises an eyebrow at the notification.

To: S'chn T'Gai Spock
From: James T. Kirk
Subject: HELLO!!!!!!

He opens the message. It displays first in scrawled standard, and then the translator overlays it with perfect Vulcan script.

Hi Spock!!!! I'm Jim!! I'm eleven years old and I live in Riverside with my mom sometimes and my stepdad. Do you know where Riverside is? It's in Iowa on Earth! You're on Vulcan, right? What's it like there? What do you like to do? Write back soon!!!


Spock isn't quite sure how to react to any of this. He'd met humans before but…none like this. Is this what human children are like?

His tablet chimes again. This message is just a picture—a boy (Spock assumes it is Jim) with blue eyes so bright they're shining, dark blond hair, and a huge smile that makes the fat on his cheeks gather into a roundness that Amanda would deem "pinch-able." Below it, the caption reads: "This is me!!!"

Spock begins crafting a reply.
st:tos  kirk/spock  correspondence  meet-as-kids  tarsus-iv  h/c  infirmary  t'pring  reunion  <3 
yesterday by runpunkrun
Not An Ordinary Life - by IvanW
“Have you told him?” Pike asked, leaning a hip against the porch railing. “About the bond?”

Spock shook his head. “I believe his father would rather that I not. He wishes for Jim to make his own choices.”

“Not sure that is something you ought to hide from him.”

“I had intended to tell him when he reached my father’s home in preparation for the summer session.” When Spock had believed Jim would more likely than not be coming to San Francisco.

“Spock, George doesn’t know everything. And I think Jim likes you. You might want to consider telling him. If he finds out later, through someone else, that you knew and didn’t tell him—”

“You believe he will become angry.”

“Yeah, he might. I don’t know him well, but from what I have seen of him, yeah he might.” Pike shivered. “Think I’m going back inside where it’s warm.”

“I will be in shortly,” Spock said.

“Take your time. I think Jim’s out here,” Pike said pointedly, then went into the house.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  iowa  meet-as-kids  bonded  correspondence  teacher/student  meet-the-family  grief  spockprime 
4 weeks ago by runpunkrun
exclamation (not an explanation) - by TheWriter2
When Spock looks at himself in the mirror two hours later, he finds it hard to recognize himself. Although his face has not changed, he is startled by the fake human eyebrows McCoy has attached to his face. Turning his head experimentally, Spock briefly finds himself missing his pointed ears as they hide under a pair of synthetic rounded tips.

As Spock inspects his new features, he begins to see more and more of his mother in himself and less of Sarek.

And for the first time since he began his schooling, Spock is pleased in his human features.

Nyota only allows him a moment more in front of the mirror before dragging him back to the seat before McCoy’s desk. “Okay,” she says, placing her hands on his shoulders, “you look considerably less Vulcan now, but I still want to do something about this hair.”

“What is wrong with my hair?” Spock asks as Nyota runs her fingers through it.

“Well there’s nothing wrong with it, per say,” she informs him, “but no one on Earth has worn their hair like this in centuries. You need something more updated.”

Spock considers this. “What do you suggest?”

He catches Nyota’s dangerous grin in the mirror. “I’m so glad you asked.”
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  emo!spock  holidays  meet-the-family  correspondence  reunion  friends-to-lovers  captive 
7 weeks ago by runpunkrun
Letters to the Dead in Ancient Egypt - Ancient History Encyclopedia
"As Uziel points out, people with high self-control may doggedly pursue a goal even once it has stopped being personally meaningful. You might also make more effort to deliberately leave empty windows in your diary that allow greater spontaneity and indulgence (see “A lazy path to self-control”). . The gods had created a world of harmony, and all one needed to do in order to reach paradise in the next was to live a life worthy of eternity. If one made each day an exercise in creating a life one would wish to continue forever, founded on the concept of harmony and balance (which of course included consideration and kindness for one's neighbors), one could be confident of entry to paradise after death."

"Letters to the Dead date from the Old Kingdom (c. 2613 - 2181 BCE) through the Late Period of Ancient Egypt (525-332 BCE), essentially the entirety of Egyptian history. "

"Egyptologist Rosalie David notes how "requests found in the letters are varied: some sought help against dead or living enemies, particularly in family disputes; others asked for legal assistance in support of a petitioner who had to appear before the divine tribunal at the Day of Judgment; and some pleaded for special blessings or benefits" (282). The most often made requests, however, deal with fertility and birth through appeals for a healthy pregnancy and child, most often a son."

"Since the dead person retained their personal identity in the next world, one would write them using the same kinds of touches that had worked in life. If one had gotten their way through threats, then threats were used such as suggesting that, if one did not get one's wish, one would cut off offerings at the tomb. "
AncientEgypt  history  death  afterlife  letters  correspondence  Egypt  Egyptology  ethics 
8 weeks ago by pierredv
Before Envelopes, People Protected Messages With Letterlocking - Atlas Obscura
I knew about wax seals before, but not the folding/piercing/tying techniques for adding privacy (and showing off).
ifttt  tumblr  papercraft  history  letterlocking  correspondence  privacy  tobereviewed 
10 weeks ago by creature
Year Two: Friend/Lover - by creative_rebellion (Intentions and Consequences #2) [14/?]
“I have never…” Spock breathed in deeply, “I have never been in a romantic relationship before. I have very little experience in the matter, and her being human complicates it further. I find that I do not completely understand humans at the best of times, and if I were to attempt a romantic relationship with one, I fear there would be cultural misunderstandings.”

Jim shrugged, “We don’t have cultural misunderstandings.”

Spock leveled a flat stare at Jim, “Our relationship began with a rather large cultural misunderstanding, Jim.”

Jim rolled his eyes, “Fine, I’ll give you that one. But you shouldn’t worry about this right now, Spock.”

“Vulcans do not worry.”

“Right, but maybe half-Vulcans do,” Jim gave Spock a pointed look. “Regardless, you have at least the rest of the semester to not do anything and to learn about humans. I can teach you.”

“Teach me?”

“About humans.”

Spock considered this. “It would be apt for you to teach me about humans.”

Jim gave Spock a confused look.

“It is, arguably, how our relationship started, Jim,” Spock said. “You told me, and I quote, ‘people are shitty, Mr. Spock’.”

Jim laughed. “So, it’s settled, then. I’ll teach you all about my species, and about how we approach romantic relationships, so then you’ll know what you’ll be getting into with… uh, what’s her name?”

“Cadet Nyota Uhura.”

“Uhura. No shit,” Jim grinned and looked away. “I met her once, she’s pretty impressive. Good choice, Spock.”
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  transgender  firsttimes  pining  casual-sex  correspondence  sleeping/together  wip  <3 
11 weeks ago by runpunkrun
Write the Words - by dactyliin (Volant)
It’s written in black ink. The handwriting is so meticulous that for a split second, Jim thinks that it could have been typed. Then, he realizes that Spock took the time to write him a note assuring him that the situation was being handled and was, in his own way (probably- Jim’s willing to admit that he could be projecting a little bit) telling Jim not to worry. Jim can imagine Spock writing it, pen in hand, before creasing the paper and placing it carefully at Jim’s side.

Jim thinks God, I love him.

Jim thinks oh, no.

And then what else is there to do, really, but write back?
st:aos  kirk/spock  correspondence 
12 weeks ago by runpunkrun
Dance Online: Dance Studies (Requires Harvard Key)
Digital collection of 20th and 21st century dance history, through photographs, correspondence, magazines, dance notation, and reference material
database  dance  20th_century  21st_century  image  full_text  correspondence  ejournal 
march 2019 by HarvardMusicLib
Take Your Time Coming Home
13,000 words | It all started with a drink ticket. Or was it with a letter?

No, probably it all started the day Steve Rogers decided to move into an apartment-share with a guy he's never laid eyes on. And since their agreement is that Steve has the place at night and the other fella takes it over during the day, there's no reason they ever even need to meet.

Unless there are a whole lot of reasons why they absolutely should.

Or: Steve pines for Bucky without even knowing he's pining for Bucky thanks to a series of letters and an unusual roommate arrangement in 1930's Brooklyn.
steve/bucky  correspondence  author:odetteandodile  10-20 
february 2019 by gekko11
Public and permanent
On blogs being emails/letters to friends made public.
public  web  blogging  kottke  via:kottke  via:rss  bcc  email  correspondence 
february 2019 by npdoty

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