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Stanford sociologists explore who does, and doesn’t, want a DNA ancestry test
“The history and timing of migration to the U.S. weakened family ties for some people more than others,” said Horowitz, lead author of the paper, who received his PhD in sociology at Stanford. “Genetic ancestry testing is marketed to relieve uncertainty,” he said.
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RT : RT : will soon have their own . Amazon ‘Will Have to’ Create Its Own Crypt…
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The Concept of the Corporation - John Kay
"The Concept of the Corporation -- For the past fifty years or so, the economic theory of the firm has been based on the paradigmatic model of corporate activity which perceives the firm as a nexus of contracts, its boundaries defined by the relative transaction costs of market-based and hierarchical organisation."

"Management consultants also began to play an increasing role in the development of corporate strategy: whereas before they had been seen as men clutching stopwatches in the tradition of Frederick Taylor’s Principles of Scientific Management, now they sought to develop practical insights and create libraries of strategies to assist their clients."

seems a bit weak on stakeholder approaches, and seems to fizzle out a bit, but plenty to enjoy in this article.
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