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Sustainability might not be sexy, but life depends on it
"That’s 5 million units a year, all which generate data, and all of which need energy and resources in their creation. Chris suggests that by 2030 most people will have 15 devices, all generating data because “everything computes at the edge and everywhere”. He’s seen research that suggests we will run out of gold by 2030. Yikes!"
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11 days ago by jonerp
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let's just make Fall 2019 an endless debate of Warren proposals. There's enough we wouldn't have to repeat!
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14 days ago by LakeHighlandCongress
I agree Mark, we need some new rules
Let's start with some accountability for large Internet companies that store massive amounts of personal data and then fail to properly secure that data.
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21 days ago by bignose
RT : Thank you for your . Hope other follow your lead. Proud to be one of the…
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22 days ago by TomRaftery
Threads is a platform designed to make work more inclusive by empowering teams to discuss and make decisions at scale.
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26 days ago by jkleske

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