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Looking for some Mappers! There’s a new task and we need to get mapped. There’s some competiti…
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3 days ago by shawnday
With sold out, don’t miss out on the chance to join us in in January 2020! We only have session C on…
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Untitled (
RT : Did you attend I WISH in 2019? Check out this great video we captured at our events in &
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11 weeks ago by whykay
An otter having a light lunch on the Lee bang in the middle of town!
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june 2019 by hopeless
Thermacork products by Amorim Isolamentos
they have an exterior cork panel (Thermacork) which can be left exposed. Saw on an Santa Cruz Eco Cottage ADU project by Zero Impact.
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june 2019 by Dexxx
The war on trees: insurance involvement denied by Cork County Council
Cork people have documented on social media examples of trees being removed from public spaces and have been critical of the practice.

Last week, The Phoenix magazine claimed the insurance industry “has been identified as the dark force behind the slaughtering of thousands of healthy trees across Ireland”.t
“It transpires insurance companies have offered lower premiums to county councils, if they remove any tree that poses even a remote threat to passing humans,” the magazine reported.

This was put to Cork City Council, which denied the claim. “I refer to your query and can confirm that no contact has been made with Cork City Council by insurance companies, in relation to trees,” the spokesperson said.
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may 2019 by jm
An absolutely astounding pair of young ladies at today
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may 2019 by whykay
Great to see tradition combined with contemporary taste at The Abbey Tavern on Abbeygate Street in city. We'r…
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may 2019 by shawnday
Tributes are being paid to murdered journalist with vigils in , & ahead of…
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april 2019 by andriak

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