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CoreML tools that can be used for feature identification
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8 weeks ago by papatangosierra
RT : Lots of interest in development with integration including for & for server…
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9 weeks ago by chrispoole
A disassembly of machine learning and Core ML (Part 1)
iOS 11 has revealed a new feature — machine learning package with Core ML and Vision frameworks. You have probably already heard of it and its cool features such as image analysis, text detection…
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may 2018 by jsam
Lobe - Deep Learning Made Simple
Building deep learning models can be a slow and complicated process. It’s hard to figure out how to get started, there’s a lot of technical language to learn, and even once you’re all set up, it’s hard to visualize and understand what you’re doing. Most people don’t stand a chance. That’s why we created Lobe, to give more people from diverse backgrounds and disciplines the ability to invent with deep learning and enable the next wave of intelligent products and experiences.
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may 2018 by csaper

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