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Labour to force amendments that would block a no-deal Brexit | Politics | The Guardian
A debate is now under way at the top of the party over how soon Labour should table a motion of no confidence in the government.
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yesterday by yorksranter
means there will be no GE before 2022 unless want one. knows that - he’s j…
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24 days ago by sabatini
What's the cause of Corbynmania?
"Cass Sunstein, who is best known as one of the co-authors of the behavioural economics bestseller “Nudge”, wrote another book a few years ago called “Going to Extremes” focussed on one recurring finding in psychological research: that groups, of any kind, tend to become more hardline, the more they debate an issue."
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4 weeks ago by diasyrmus
is now the issue that will sink . He would go into the lead by 20% if h…
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5 weeks ago by sabatini
Damning new report reveals UK media guilty of "myriad inaccuracies and distortions" in Labour antisemitism reporting | Evolve Politics
"From the 95 examples found, the report states that “27 examples of misleading and 28 examples of inaccurate reporting [were] made [specifically] in regard to the IHRA definition. Half of the latter were found on and BBC television news programmes alone”"
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6 weeks ago by ssam
Could Corbyn solve Brexit and save Britain? I can almost imagine it now | Martin Kettle | Opinion | The Guardian
This is probably significant. not only is Kettle right, the fact he chooses to be right is in itself informative
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7 weeks ago by yorksranter
Corbyn’s confident conference speech will send Labour members home happy | Coffee House
This is a problem for the Conservatives: they would, frankly, have to pay people to create the size and enthusiasm of the gathering of members in today’s hall
7 weeks ago by yorksranter
Corbyn uses conference speech to tell May he would back Brexit deal on Labour's terms – Politics live | Politics | The Guardian
You've got to love this. "Much of Labour’s vision for a more sustainable and fair country is absolutely right"
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7 weeks ago by yorksranter
Britain’s insecure towns aren’t ‘left behind’. They hold the key to our future | John Harris
Britain’s insecure towns aren’t ‘left behind’. They hold the key to our future | John Harris

“In fact, as with so many other towns, what Walsall represents is the social and economic cutting edge, albeit in a very different way from more affluent parts of the country. The future it is entering is not manifested in the gleam of luxury flats, or the promise of lives rendered blissfully easy by technology: the town is troubled, and clearly in need of help, but that does not make it any less modern.”

“Two weeks ago I spent the afternoon at the gates of the vast Amazon distribution centre in the former coal town of Rugeley in Staffordshire, where people from Walsall are brought to work in buses, the blacked-out windows of which give off a strange sense of secrecy and paranoia. The centre sits in the shadow of a disused power station and next to a new Premier Inn and a branch of McDonald’s. It is one of the most surreal corners of England I’ve set foot in: a parade of auguries of the future in which we may all soon find ourselves.”

“These are modern demands voiced in truly modern places – what stands in their way is an enduring disconnect between progressive politicians and the social grassroots. This problem is encapsulated by the fact that the only political offer to have truly cut through in recent years was the chimera of Brexit. Moreover, many people in Walsall are unimpressed by Labour’s transformation, and still see it as a collection of metropolitan people indifferent both to their communitarian values and the nitty-gritty of their lives.”
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8 weeks ago by craigryan

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