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A Future of Heavier Rainstorms Could Be a Death Sentence For Corals
Climate change may increase the severity of tropical cyclones, including upping their rainfall. By making corals’ watery environments less salty, this can result in “freshwater bleaching,” a biochemical response similar to what happens when corals bleach due to excessive heat, according to a press release. But unlike heat-related bleaching—which corals often recover from after temperatures return to normal—the response these researchers are concerned with may result in mortality after a few days.

“In coral bleaching, there’s a window of opportunity for recovery,” study author David Hayward, a researcher with the Australian National University’s Research School of Biology, told Earther. “And that window might be longer than what is available to corals when they’re exposed to low-salinity conditions.”
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The Great Barrier Reef's Secret Climate Change Weapon Is This Switzerland-Sized Meadow of Seagrass
These seagrasses are helping stave off more destruction by keeping ocean warming and ocean acidifying carbon locked away. Unfortunately, erosion and pollution from development are killing seagrass meadows around the world. In fact, 7 percent of their habitat area is lost a year, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The Indo-Pacific, where Lizard Island is located, has the highest diversity of seagrass species in the world, but they’re still declining, per the IUCN.
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What If Earth Lost All Its Coral Reefs?
Coral reefs take up just 1% of the world’s marine environment. Just that 1% is enough to sustain a quarter of all marine animals in the ocean. Two million species live in, on, and around the reefs.
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Inside the Quest to Discover Super-Corals at the Bottom of the Sea
The ultimate hope is that Lophelia’s genetic secrets can be used to re-seed coral reefs being ravaged by humanity’s impacts. As a deepwater species that feeds on plankton instead of sunlight, Lophelia itself probably won’t migrate into the shallower depths where corals are now dying in droves due to heat-waves, pollution, and the creeping effects of ocean acidification.
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3D printing coral reefs can create new habitats — but it doesn't tackle human destruction
Recently, one the largest 3D printed coral reef was deployed at a site in the Maldives, as a way of creating new reef habitat, using a new technology called Modular Artificial Reef Structures or MARS for short. MARS consist of lattices that have been 3D printed in ceramic material and designed to be deployed from small boats and pieced together by divers.
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What if all the coral reefs disappeared?
Animals that rely on coral for protection and cover, such as grouper, snapper, oysters and clams, would also be negatively impacted. And because this marine life is a vital staple in many peoples' diets, the death of the coral reefs would exacerbate the problem of feeding these groups.
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RT : Incredible field of the Pachyseris in . Learn how typhoons affect even deeper…
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Underwater microscope catches corals dancing in their natural habitat - LA Times
A new type of underwater microscope can examine plants and animals in their natural environment. Scientists trained it on corals, and this is what they saw. (Jaffe Lab for Underwater Imaging, Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego)
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NASA is taking photos of the world’s coral reefs from 23,000 feet ():
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Disasters and Ecosystems
Interested in how ecosystems like & wetlands act as natural buffers against disasters? Check this course:
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Twitter / mwestneat: Ever seen a flathead? There ...
Ever seen a flathead? There is a big flat-headed fish on that rock! are so full of cryptic life.
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