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Proving tree algorithms for succinct data structures. ~ R. Affeldt, J. Garrigue, X. Qi, K. Tanaka.
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8 days ago by skchrko
BPF and formal verification
Note the simple BPF intro: it's really a VM with a simple RISC ISA(and cannot jump BACK, only forwards), so this verification attempt was to make sure programs would eventually terminate.
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11 days ago by mechazoidal
Randomised Property-Based Testing Plugin for Coq
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4 weeks ago by Z303
Coq'Art Chapter 13: Infinite Objects and Proofs
Reasoning about infinite objects while staying in the finite world of a computer is one of the most fascinating uses of proof tools.Inductive proof techniques already make it possible to prove statements for infinite collections of objects, that is, integers, binary trees, and so on. Of course, each of these objects is built in a finite number of steps and this is the intuitive justification for induction. We propose taking a further step, with techniques to build and handle infinite objects, integrated in the Coq systemby Gimenez. The main example that we use in this chapter consists in streams, which are especially adapted to model reactive systems. In domains such as communication, energy, or transportation, infinite execution is the norm rather than the exception
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8 weeks ago by daniil
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Constructing inductive-inductive types in cubical type theory. ~ J. Hugunin.
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10 weeks ago by tjweir

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