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Terms and Conditions for Normal People – Nadya Nikolova – Medium
Finally! Someone has had the bright idea to translate the complicated legislative language into easily understood messages. I know, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Maybe they’ve grown to another…
legal  copywriting  website  gdpr 
yesterday by jake101
Ankle Socks Are a Foul | GQ
Advice/topic is valid, but notice the condescending tone, and lack of clear CTA/Actionable advice.

This type of copy is all about the writer and not about the reader
Copywriting  Fashion 
6 days ago by theessentialman
TurboTax Design – Brandon Read – Medium
A. Finally, the big reveal: $29.99 for PLUS. A bold, vibrant blue treatment makes the price less offensive compared to the gray $59.99 in the neighboring cell. Notice that “FREE” uses a lighter font weight so that the eye is not drawn to this cell.

B. The bright orange “Keep PLUS” CTA is likely to receive clicks from unsuspecting users, while the ghost button CTAs have less visual weight and therefore receive less attention.

Note the language in the CTA: “Keep” implies that you already have PLUS. All of the imported information and tools could continue to be yours. All you have to do is pay. This technique, known as Transparent Fencing, aims to demonstrate value and convey ownership by putting paid features and benefits out in the open instead of hiding or obscuring them behind an Opaque Fence. Since the user can easily see the benefits in plain sight, they are more willing to pay for the features when prompted to upgrade. TurboTax is careful to use the word “Keep” for the $29.99 product while the $59.99 product is an “Upgrade”. PLUS is implicitly NOT an upsell.
pricing  copywriting  interesting 
8 days ago by ramitsethi
On Google's related entities patent: Write awesome posts! • Yoast
Perhaps you’ve read about the related entities patent which was recently granted to Google, or perhaps you haven’t yet. You should read Dave Davies post about it on Search Engine Land and find out more about it. The related entities patent gives us valuable insights into how Google identifies relationships between content. So, in this post, I’ll try to explain a bit about the patent without making it all to complicated. And, I’ll discuss the importance of the patent for your content SEO strategy.
SEO  Entities  Copywriting 
10 days ago by blissthisway
AI Generated Email Marketing Language In Your Brand Voice - Phrasee
Phrasee is an enterprise marketing solution that uses artificial intelligence to generate brand compliant marketing language on a client-to-client basis.
copywriting  marketing  email-marketing  deep-learning  machine-learning  advertising  open-rate  open-rates  service  split-testing 
11 days ago by nharbour
Attack Of The Micro Brands – Positive Slope – Medium
In just ten minutes or so scrolling on Instagram, I counted over a dozen brands I had never heard of selling a product that caught my eye. There are so many direct-to-consumer brands we’ve never heard of these days, and I’ve patronized more than I care to admit. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  copywriting  marketing  social  media 
12 days ago by hansdorsch
How To Grab Attention With Your Website Home Page Introduction
Stephanie Hamilton shows eleven ways to grab attention with a website home page introduction.
landing-page  landingpages  marketing  copywriting 
12 days ago by thomasborowski
How You Can Aid User Scanning with Eyebrow Headlines
You could write the greatest marketing headlines, but if users have no incentive to read them, what’s the point?

You first have to make your headlines scannable before users will read them. Eyebrow headlines can help you do this. Reading takes time and effort. If users aren’t interested in your content after scanning, they won’t invest to read the rest.
reading  inspiration  ux  copywriting  design 
12 days ago by Shoord
The Five Levels of Customer Awareness
Fondamental en copywriting : connaitre le degré d'awareness de ses prospects.
awareness  copywriting 
12 days ago by theorsi

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