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How to improve your design process with copy docs
"A copy doc is a one-stop “source of truth” for all the copy in a project. There’s no single way to create or use one, but here are some basics to help you get started."
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2 hours ago by garrettc
The 11 Best Copywriting Books & Courses(to help you become a better copywriter) :: Kopywriting Kourse
The 11 Best Copywriting Books & Courses
(to help you become a better copywriter)
Copywriting Books

You’ve just discovered copywriting and want to get better. GOOD. Well here’s my top advice and books for getting better at copywriting.

These copywriting books are ranked in the order you should get them:

1.) The Boron Letters – by Gary Halbert:
The boron letters by Gary Halbert Printed

Price: Free online or $22 on Amazon

What I love about it:
This was originally a set of free letters published by the famous copywriter Gary Halbert. I stayed up till 6am every night going through these letters. Unbelievable beginners guide to copywriting and business.

What skills you’ll learn:
Writing. Keeping someone’s attention. Creative ways to make money. First 3 chapters are about “Life” in general. Direct mail. I would HIGHLY suggest you physically print these out on a printer to read.

Tone of voice:
Super hilarious and a bit vulgar. You may wake your spouse up with laughter whilst reading.

Good for: Total copywriting beginners.

All chapters linked: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25

2.) Advertising Secrets of the Written Word – by Joseph Sugarman:
(re-named “Adweek Copywriting Handbook”)

Price: $16 on Amazon

What I love about it:
He goes through 30 different “triggers” that cause someone’s brain to switch into “buying” mode. These are super helpful, and a great resource to re-read when you’re feeling unmotivated!

What skills you’ll learn:
Writing. Style choices. The 30 Triggers and how to use them.

Tone of voice:
Casual and easy. I like Joe Sugarman’s style because he isn’t “hypey” at all. He’s very genuine and not scammy like some other classic copywriters.

Reading Level:
Total Beginner.

Other Joseph Sugarman Resources:

30 Triggers Book
List of Joe Sugarman’s 30 Triggers

3.) Ogilvy on Advertising – by David Ogilvy:
Ogilvy on Advertising book by David Ogilvy

Price: $19 on Amazon

What I love about it:
Written directly by the guy who started the famed Ogilvy and Mather advertising firm in New York (which “Mad Men” is based off of).

What skills you’ll learn:
Large-scale advertising. Brand advertising. How to layout ads like a billion dollar brand.

Tone of voice:
Informative and pretty funny. Less talk and lots of examples.

Reading Level:

Other Free David Ogilvy Resources:

How To Create Advertising That Sells
David Ogilvy Advertisements
Video of David Ogilvy talking about direct mail vs creative advertising

4.) Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got – by Jay Abraham:
Jay Abraham Book Getting Everything You Can Out of all you've Got

Price: $11 on Amazon

What I love about it:
Not only about copywriting, but business in general. This is probably MORE a business book. Lots of great examples of businesses growing their existing revenue.

What skills you’ll learn:
Focusing on which parts of your businesses can be grown with the least amount of effort.

Tone of voice:
Factual and to-the-point.

Reading Level:
Intermediate. Best if you already have an existing business.

Other Free Jay Abraham Resources:

Jay’s Strategy of Preeminence (aka being the best)
Jay Abraham’s Copywriting Tips

5.) This Book Will Teach You How To Write Better – by Neville Medhora:
Neville Medhora Book - This Book Will Teach You How To Write Better

Price: $5 on Amazon

What I love about it:
This could be a 300 page book, but it was distilled down to 54 pages for super-quick reading. This was meant to be a reference guide you can keep on your desk for when writing a piece of copy.

What skills you’ll learn:
Mentality of a copywriter. The styling to use while writing. Formulas for copywriting.

Tone of voice:
Funny and informative.

Reading Level:

Other Free Neville Medhora Resources: How To Write Awesome Copy with Neville Medhora
Copywriting Videos by Neville Medhora
What Is Copywriting? (A Visual Guide)

6.) Save The Cat – by Blake Snyder
Save the Cat Book by Blake Snyder

Price: $16 on Amazon

What I love about it:
This is a book about writing movies. It takes you through 11 different “archetypes” of screenplays you can write, and the exact elements each needs to be a great story (with lots of famous movie examples).

What skills you’ll learn:
Screenplay writing. The elements of a story (this is really important if you want to write fiction OR non-fiction).

Tone of voice:

Reading Level:
Intermediate writers will get the most out of this.

Other Save The Cat Free Resources:

7 Story Types Summary
“Beat Sheets” for hundreds of top films
Save The Cat Summary PDF

7.) A Whack on the Side of the Head – by Roger Von Oech
A whack on the side of the head book by Roger Von Oech

Price: $13 on Amazon

What I love about it:
You can flip to any section and find some “new way of looking at a problem” in this book. It gets you to take existing problems you have, and flip them around in ways you never thought of before. Apply the lessons to your copy to find new “angles.”

What skills you’ll learn:
Problem solving. Looking at a problem from different angles.

Tone of voice:
Informative and fun.

Reading Level:

8.) Breakthrough Advertising – by Eugene Schwartz:
Book Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz

Price: $249 on Amazon

What I love about it:
Goes through different stages of large-scale advertising and the thought processes behind them. The examples are all from the 1920’s and 1930’s era.

What skills you’ll learn:
Direct mail campaign strategies. Large-scale advertising cycle. Writing copy in a scientific manner.

Tone of voice:

Reading Level:
Intermediate to advanced.

9.) How To Make Maximum Money In Minimum Time – by Gary Halbert:
Gary Halbert Book - Maximum Money In Minimum Time

Price: $20 on Amazon

What I love about it:
It’s just kind of a random pamphlet Gary Halbert put together about making money through direct mail…..but it was one of the funniest and best books I’ve read in a long time!

What skills you’ll learn:
Direct mail. Some very out-of-the-box methods for bringing in money.

Tone of voice:
Hilarious and a little crude.

Reading Level:
Beginners and business owners will love it.

10.) Free Copywriting Guides
Free copywriting guides pic

Price: Free

What I love about it:
There’s just a wide breadth of topics about copywriting here. If someone is driven, they can read all these guides (or even print them out) to get a great understanding of copywriting and how to do it. The best part is they’re all free.

What skills you’ll learn:
What copywriting is, real-world copywriting case studies, copywriting exercises, how to charge as a copywriter.

Tone of voice: Informative and funny.

Reading Level: From beginner to advanced articles.

Other Free Copywriting Resources:

Email subject line generators
Subject line generator
Blog post idea generator

11.) The Kopywriting Kourse
The Kopywriting Kourse pic

Price: $497

What I love about it:
This copywriting course takes you from beginner to intermediate level really fast through video. Unlike books, through video you can learn a visual medium (like copywriting) much quicker.

What skills you’ll learn:
Takes you through Copywriting, the mentality of copywriters, actual writing examples, the psychology behind selling, has an AutoresponderKourse, a Content Writing Course, and a How to Become a Copywriter Course…all those copywriting courses in one bundle.

Tone of voice: Informative and funny.

Watching Level: Beginner looking to quickly get better at copywriting.

Other Free Kopywriting Kourse Resources:

How to become a copywriter
Free copywriting portfolio templates
How to write an about page

Copywriting Books Re-Cap (if you were too lazy to read above):
Beginner Copywriting Books:
–The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert.
–The AdWeek Copywriting Handbook by Joseph Sugarman.
–This Book Will Teach You to Write Better by Neville Medhora.
–Ogilvy On Advertising by David Ogilvy.
–How To Make Maximum Money In Minimum Time by Gary Halbert.
–A Whack on the Side of the Head by Roger Von Oech.

Intermediate Copywriting Books:
–Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got by Jay Abraham.
–Save The Cat by Blake Snyder.

Advanced Copywriting Books:
–Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz.
–Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins.

Copywriting Book Recommendations Video:

Neville Signature

Pshh….you think that list and video was helpful? Then this free copywriting newsletter will blow your mind with great copywriting tricks, mind hacks, and swipe-able templates to write copy for your business. Sends every week.
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BYREDO - Horn Comb Idia
Amazing example of copy for a COMB
2 days ago by ramitsethi
15 questions to create your customer avatar | Copy Chief
"There's rooms in people's minds
so private, no one enters but them.
Those rooms are massively
influential on their behavior."
-The Great Robert Gibson​
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3 days ago by cmananian
2.1.3 - Growth - Leads - Copy
How to write copy for persuasive opt-in offers.
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3 days ago by mwolffhh
Ross Johnson - How long should my content be? I get asked this...
How long should my content be?

I get asked this all the time and the answer is really simple.

People will read good content - it doesn't matter how long it is. If it's compelling and keeps someone interested... why would they stop reading it?

Mitch Miller is a prime example.

He writes interesting content and I guarantee many people read it top to bottom everyday regardless of length.

Instead of focusing on length - focus on being so interesting or entertaining that people can't stop reading.
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3 days ago by lwhlihu
Microcopy for destructive actions
Microcopy can help turn an otherwise frustrating experience into a simple, straightforward one.
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3 days ago by hwrd
The New Model For Freelance Copywriting Success In 2018
Bonne description de la mentalité qu’il faut avoir en tant que free-lance copywriter.
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4 days ago by theorsi
Lena Elkins - Friends... If you're a coach, consultant or service...
Great post by Lena about how she used to bust her ass to get to $8-10k months and then feel small about people at $60k months and wonder if she would get to that point and it wasn't until she stopped looking at what other people are doing and started focusing on her own uniqueness aka giving herself permission to TRULY BE HERSELF.

Also a great story/lead to end with CTA to join her coaching program



If you're a coach, consultant or service provider (aka an event organizer, writer, agency owner, kombucha brewer, doesn't really matter), I know how hard it can feel trying to make your business work when everyone around you seems to be doing it 10x faster/better. 😣

Even when I was consistently making $8-$10K/month in my coaching business, I still remember seeing people's "I just had another $60K month, and here are the screenshots of processed payments to prove it!"

💚 The real you has tons of captivating, entertaining and heartfelt stories to share.

💚 The real you has a one-of-a-kind personality and sense of humor that the right people will connect with.

💚 The real you has a unique expertise and perspective that others are waiting to hear.

💚 The real you has the opportunity to change the lives of thousands (and get paid handsomely for it).

Your business and all of the wins that come along with it become easy when you learn to...

a) trust your intuition and voice

b) share your value unapologetically

c) choose to be any damn Spice Girl you want
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5 days ago by lwhlihu
RR: Blue Collar Charm School Opt-In/Webinar Registration VSL | Copy Chief
Brian breaks down all the shit in this market and how to write better for it:

"The copy is littered with vague language and promises like: "be your best self", "get exciting opportunities" "have better relationships" etc. Using general language like that doesn't show your audience you understand them and have what they want. I'm sure you do, it's just not coming across.

Ask yourself: What does your reader want? What's keeping them from having that now? How is their life negatively impacted by them not having it? How can their life look when they use what you teach them?"
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9 days ago by cmananian
Alibaba's new AI can generate 20,000 lines of copy in a second - CNET
Humans will still need to do the job of choosing the best lines from all the machine-generated ones. Overall, the AI will help cut down time spent designing copy to fit posters and web banners.
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9 days ago by jomc

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