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$1 Trial from Yoga Trapeze » Swipe File Archive » Marketing & Copywriting Examples
This is a product that's meant to be experienced. Showing a photo of the product would look boring compared to its use which is why they include photos of the product in action. When you're marketing a product that has a fascinating usage or creates fast results, think of how you can showcase that in an image (even a GIF where applicable). If you can quickly show how a product works & it's impressive, it can accelerate a person's buying decision significantly.
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yesterday by cmananian
$1 Trial Offer Sales Page from Digital Marketer (Ryan Deiss) » Swipe File Archive » Marketing & Copywriting Examples
Don't sell a trial. Sell what you get if you decide to start a trial. If you frame it as a trial early-on, the rest of your copy will likely be read with more resistance than if you reveal it later on.
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yesterday by cmananian
The Discipline of Content Strategy
It’s time to stop pretending content is somebody else’s problem. If content strategy is all that stands between us and the next fix-it-later copy draft or beautifully polished but meaningless site launch, it’s time to take up the torch, time to make content matter. Halvorson tells how to understand, learn, practice, and plan for content strategy.
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yesterday by garrettc
Гайд по созданию интерфейсных текстов для Сбербанка (Собака Павлова)
Студия Собака Павлова рассказывает о создании гайдлайна по интерфейсным текстам для Сбербанка.
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2 days ago by jvetrau
Reedsy: Find the perfect editor, designer or marketer | Reedsy
Reedsy allows authors to find and work with the best publishing professionals: from developmental editors to book cover designers, publicists and translators.
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6 days ago by tribbles
What is the ONE book/course you'd recommend to someone starting out in direct response? | Copy Chief
Great advice for new copywriters:

"If there's one thing you should look into as a new copywriter, it's learn how marketing funnels and the sales conversion process works...

Advertorials is a great starting training to give you a start. That leads to a sales page (Dan Kennedy's book can give you the depths of this), and then Todd Brown's CCL talk is another great look at how funnels are built. Casey has a sales process which is great to also give you an overview. It's meant for Freelancers, but easily applies to business in general.

You may not want to build funnels, but you definitely need to understand how someone goes from "not knowing who you are" to "becoming your best customer."
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6 days ago by cmananian
Problems vs Opportunity | Copy Chief
The issue with the P.A.S. framework is that you're swimming upstream in this market. Right now, your readers are all about greed. They think Trump is the messiah and nothing bad will happen as long as he's at the helm.

So, what problem would you bring up? They fact that they need income? They already know that. So, it sounds like old news. That the market will crash? On the logical level, they'll believe you. But on the emotional level, they just want to keep racking up the gains. So, the logic goes out the window.


Big Idea copy (what you're learning to write) is for market saturation, and it also enables you to cast a wider net than PAS copy.
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7 days ago by cmananian
Creating UI text that translates (Google Design)
Советы по написанию текстов в интерфейсе с учётом локализации от Jen Schaefer из Google.
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10 days ago by jvetrau
Designers who play with words – Dropbox Design – Medium
Writing has gained a lot of attention lately as a critical design skill. Many UX teams have caught on to the importance of voice and tone in interfaces, and are hiring writers in spades. I’ve spent…
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11 days ago by marcusrelacion
Tips for copywriters from the greats - Builtvisible
What follows is even more wisdom from great writers, to help inspire you during your content creation:
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11 days ago by 1luke2

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