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How to write emails that get opened with Ramit Sethi - YouTube
2. I loved how you created an outline first and then just started writing
even though you didn't know some parts and you didn't know
what you're going to write for the Lessons Learned just kept
writing and it came along as you wrote

3. I love how you suggested that we use the language that you would use when you're talking to your friends in real life
I think the example you used(if i remember correctly) was instead of using the word fortunately you use the word "luckily"
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2 days ago by theorsi
: How To Write Content That Both Google And Your Visitors Will ❤️ via
SEO  Copywriting  from twitter_favs
7 days ago by pamneely
George Orwell’s Six Rules For Great Writing – Personal Growth – Medium
George Orwell’s Six Rules For Great Writing
How to write clearly and effectively
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7 days ago by gwippich
'Fine-tuning a new path for tech' - a quick piece about the unique challenge of helping people define…
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8 days ago by marks
Error message – GOV.UK Design System
This post kinda has some promising tips on writing error messages—such as “do not use words like ‘forbidden’, ‘illegal’, ‘you forgot’ and ‘prohibited’”—but then they gotta mess things up by suggesting things like this: “‘Enter a first name that is 35 characters or less’ is wordier, less direct and natural than ‘First name must be 35 characters or less’”.
errors  copywriting  forms  govuk  2018 
10 days ago by handcoding
How to be a successful copywriter
What it really takes to be a better copywriter (3 of my best tips)
copywriter  copywriting 
11 days ago by theorsi
Let’s do this! How to write better calls to action (Deliveroo Design)
Простые и наглядные советы Rachel McConnell из Deliveroo по написанию хороших названий для кнопок в интерфейсе.
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11 days ago by jvetrau

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