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Animal rights? Monkey selfie case may undo evolution of the Internet | Ars Technica
Analysis: PETA’s quest for animals to own property is no laughing matter.
Going on two years now, an Indonesian macaque monkey named Naruto, represented by his self-appointed lawyers from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has been trying to claim ownership of the selfies he took of himself with a camera he swiped from a British nature photographer in the jungle of the Tangkoko reserve.
This issue is no laughing matter, regardless of how bizarre it seems.
Let's assume PETA is correct—that copyrights can be granted to animals. After all, US copyright law grants ownership of images to those who snapped them. So why can't that owner be a monkey? That's PETA's position—one that has been generally down-voted so far in court and across a broad swath of the Internet as being bananas.
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3 days ago by rgl7194
SoundCloud Halts Volunteer Archiving Project - Slashdot
Slashdot reader nielo tipped us off to more SoundCloud news. Motherboard reports:
Last week, a group of volunteer digital preservationists known as The Archive Team announced they would be attempting to independently archive a 123.6 million track, 900-terabyte swath of SoundCloud, the popular str...
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4 days ago by pankkake
A German pirate just saved our right to take public selfies | WIRED UK
Fucking litigious pieces of shit Jesus fucking Christ the very idea of "intellectual" "property" is a cancer
4 days ago by mrled

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