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yesterday by wragge
Xconomy: Art Isn't Free: The Tragedy of the Wikimedia Commons
Is a digital image of a public domain painting considered to be public domain? Wikipedia (and I) say "Yes"; this author says "But the poor museums need cash!"
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4 days ago by mcherm
A $1.6 billion Spotify lawsuit is based on a law made for player pianos - The Verge
Streaming music services like Spotify are built on a tangle of copyright, which is why Spotify is getting sued by Wixen Publishing for $1.6 billion over licenses you’ve probably never heard of.
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4 days ago by MattieTK
A $1.6 billion Spotify lawsuit is based on a law made for player pianos - The Verge
So, what happened here? Did Spotify really fail to pay artists to the tune of a billion dollars all the while losing money? Is digital streaming just a black hole that sucks up money and spits it out into the cold vacuum of space?


The answer is complicated. The amount of money that songwriters are making through streaming services like Spotify is oddly low, but the Wixen lawsuit itself exists in a bizarre universe of convoluted legal provisions that have very little bearing to fairness, common sense, or even how the technology actually works. And as Spotify’s IPO filing notes in its section on risk factors, the company is dependent on third-party licenses, which makes its business model especially vulnerable to any hiccups in the bureaucracy of music licensing.
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4 days ago by Vaguery

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