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Monolith is a simple tool that takes two arbitrary binary files (called a Basis file and an Element file) and "munges" them together to produce a Mono binary file (with a .mono extension). Monolith can also reconstruct an Element file from a Basis file and a Mono file.
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YouTube Launches "Copyright Match" Tool to Protect Initial Uploaders - TorrentFreak
Copyright Match, which uses similar technology to YouTube’s Content ID system, is designed to detect re-uploads of content to other channels. Once a user uploads a video, YouTube will scan subsequent uploads to see if they are the same or “very similar” to the original.
If a match is found, the original uploader will receive a notification in his or her YouTube panel which will give them several options.
The first option for a user with a ‘match’ notification is to do nothing, something that may come in handy for someone who simply wants to spread a message as far and wide as possible.
The second possibility is to get in touch with the secondary uploader. This could lead to a productive discussion (such as a gentle request to remove the video, perhaps) or, quite possibly, something a little more aggressive.
Finally, users can simply ask that YouTube takes the video down, an option that comes with options of its own.
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learn how you can trademark or copyright your blog/blog content/ logo
everything from blog's content to logo, design, code you can protect under different intellectual property rights.
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FAQ - Frequently Answered Questions regarding information about copyright, copyright law, the copyright alliance, and specifically, copyright owner rights.
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6 days ago by mikalgilmore
When copyright goes wrong — Crooked Timber
Analysis of the proposals that came before the EU parliament on 5 July
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7 days ago by Surliminal
RT : Spot-on analysis of why Thursday’s vote went our way, by the ever-perceptive :…
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Spot-on analysis of why Thursday’s vote went our way, by the ever-perceptive :…
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How Copyright Law Can Fix Artificial Intelligence’s Implicit Bias Problem | UW School of Law
Copyright law limits bias mitigation techniques, such as testing AI through reverse engineering, algorithmic accountability processes, and competing to convert customers. The rules of copyright law also privilege access to certain works over others, encouraging AI creators to use easily available, legally low-risk sources of data for teaching AI, even when those data are demonstrably biased.
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9 days ago by jomc
The music business just got spanked by Google. Surely it's now time to speak with one voice.
And here’s the joke: the music industry had something in its corner all along which would have terrified Google’s lobbyists. Something so powerful, just the other year, it brought Apple publicly crashing to its knees – before the Cupertino giant Swiftly re-wrote its corporate policy. Artists. Where were the artists?! I have read countless statements from trade bodies, collective management organizations and musicians’ representatives in the past few days. I actually like a lot of the people involved, so this is hard to say, but it’s the truth. You cannot defeat an army of 900,000 internet users by presenting bureaucrats, deploying the language of bureaucracy. You have to be smarter than that. More ambitious than that. More emotional than that. You have to believe: Yes We Can. You have to Make America Great Again.
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