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These 1923 Copyrighted Works Enter the Public Domain in 2019
Under the terms of the Sonny Bono Copyright Act, works first published in 1923 will enter the public domain, meaning anyone can re-publish them, or chop them up and use them in other projects, without asking permission or paying the old rights holders.
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7 weeks ago by elfwreck
May's speech ripped off from the West Wing | Streamable
Did Samsung write this one, or did Toby? Either way Lord John Marbury is going to have some explaining to do.
news  politics  fuckwits  bloodytories  copyfight  video 
october 2017 by gominokouhai
Connemara shop in patents row with whiskey multinational
Beam Suntory own a trademark on the name "Connemara" -- utter fiasco. How was this granted? Connemara is a very well-known placename in Ireland
connemara  ireland  ip  trademarks  copyfight  beam-suntory  whiskey 
june 2017 by jm
Secret new European copyright proposal spells disaster for Free Culture
In short, this creates what amounts to a tax on copyright works made available on online streaming services, payable to the collecting societies that administer copyright on behalf of authors and performers (though the tax itself is separate from the copyright holder's economic rights). The tax cannot be waived by the authors or performers themselves, which means that even if they want to make their works available for streaming online for free, the law would tie their hands and prohibit this. The streaming site would still be required to set aside money for "fair remuneration" of the authors and performers, whether they want this or not.
This amendment would eliminate one of the few advantages that small and independent artists enjoy in promoting their work online—the ability to make it available for free. For some such artists, the free online availability of their work builds up a fan base to support future licensing deals, concert tours, and merchandise sales. Others may release some or all of their work for free for non-economic reasons, such as to communicate a message, or simply for the love of their art. Certainly, not all artists do this. But the law as it exists at present at least offers them a choice. Either they can license their work to streaming platforms for money, or they can make it available to such platforms for free. But if this amendment passes, that choice will be taken away from them.

The losers from this proposal are fourfold. Perhaps the biggest losers are the creators themselves, who will face new barriers between their art and their fans and collaborators. The streaming services will also lose out, as they will face higher expenses and will no longer be able to operate non-commercially even if they only carry freely licensed content. Fans, of course, will suffer because of the reduced legal availability of free music and video online. And even the copyright industry will suffer, as the increased costs of legal streaming services may cause creators and fans to shift back to peer to peer file sharing, where copyright infringing works are also exchanged.
by:JeremyMalcolm  from:EFF  copyright  copyfight  geo:EuropeanUnion 
may 2017 by owenblacker
Cory Doctorow: Sole and Despotic Dominion
The camera in your living room, and the wireless insulin pump your six-year-old is wearing, and the Internet-connected car you’re driving down the highway every day, are all reservoirs of long-lived digital pathogens that criminals are free to discover and exploit, but that security researchers are not able to tell you about.

Obviously, this is a disaster.
2016  analysis  essay  copyfight  copywrong  society  device-freedom  intellectual-theft 
january 2017 by bignose
Adobe Asked Google To Censor Techdirt's Story On How Adobe's DRM Got Cracked | Techdirt
Another day, another example of copyright being a tool for censorship. MarkMonitor is one of the largest companies out there in the "IP protection" business -- and they also have a decently long history of filing bogus DMCA notices. And in one of its recent ones... they targeted a Techdirt news story.
Google, thankfully, has a team who reviews these things and rejected the demand. Of course, Adobe/MarkMonitor isn't really trying to censor a story that makes fun of Adobe. That's just collateral damage for the shitty job they do in trying to "protect copyright" by running automated scans.
So, yes, any "censorship" that came out of this would likely have been accidental, but just because censorship is accidental, it doesn't mean that it's inconsequential. The fact that companies that hire MarkMonitor have been rushing around demanding more automated takedown systems, and ridiculous notions like "notice and staydown" that would have created even more harm should be a warning as to why those ideas are a dangerous path.
by:MikeMasnick  from:Techdirt  copyfight  copyright  Adobe  MarkMonitor  DMCA  censorship 
november 2016 by owenblacker

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