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Writing for Your Audience Means Including Search Engines
is not limited to:

Creating quality, natural-sounding content
Using quality, authoritative sources
Linking appropriately
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yesterday by penz
NANY 2018 Release: Dualcopy -
Dualcopy is a helper application for copy/move your files with two of the best copy programs for Windows: Teracopy and Fastcopy.
Dualcopy don't have any funcionality by itself. It is a better interface for this two programs, adding Favorites, Recent Used Folders, and Monitoring other apps like Everything, Total Commander, FreeCommander and other.
His main goal is make easy for you to choose a destination for your files.
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5 days ago by kger
A helper application for copying files via Teracopy and Fastcopy.
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6 days ago by kger
Get More Insights Into Your Audience Voice And How To Create Your
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9 days ago by mandigital
Ccopy/Move Files with very long Filenames
Windows has a filename length limit which includes drive names and paths. Some f my filenames are too long for windows to copy/move.

The following software disregards the windows limit and success...
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11 days ago by JWG109
Resume Worded
Resource for writing effective resumes. Collection of real resume lines.
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11 days ago by zool

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