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E-Prime - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
E-prime: a subset of English that excludes the verb “to be”
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december 2015 by electricant
Copula (linguistics) - Japanese
"The Japanese copula has many forms. The words da and desu are used to predicate sentences, while na and de are particles used within sentences to modify or connect."
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november 2012 by greghaspants
Appendix:List of English copulae - Wiktionary
This is a list of English copulae. Because many of these copulative verbs may be used non-copulatively, examples are provided.
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february 2012 by davidar
FT 20110224 - Sovereigns turn to pre-crisis financial wizardry
But for some, Europe’s €750bn bail-out fund, the European financial stability facility, is another key example of how financial wizardry is being made use of by policymakers.

The EFSF is not technically a CDO, some finance specialists stress, but a special purpose vehicle that essentially pools guarantees and loans from stronger euro members to give it a top triple A credit rating.

One of many ideas that have been floated as a way to develop the vehicle further, is the use of so-called tranching – a feature used in many securitisations to sell bonds of varying risk and therefore increase the amount of debt that can be raised.
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september 2011 by mjaniec

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