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Yolian Ogbu on Twitter: "THINGS TO DO INSTEAD OF CALLING THE COPS (thread) *strong communities make police obsolete" / Twitter

“*strong communities make police obsolete

“1) Don’t feel obligated to defend property–especially corporate ‘private’property. Before confronting someone or contacting the police, ask yourself if anyone is being hurt or endangered by property ’theft’ or damage. If the answer is ‘no’, then let it be

“2) If something of yours is stolen and you need to file a report, consider going to the police station instead of bringing cops into your community. You may inadvertently put someone in your neighborhood at risk

“3) If you see someone pulled over with car trouble, stop and ask if they need help of if you can call a tow truck for them. Police may give punitive and unnecessary tickets to people with car issues, target those without papers, or worse

“4) Keep a contact list of community resources like suicide hotlines. When police are contacted to ‘manage’ such situations, people with mental illness are 16 times more likely to be killed by cops than those without mental health challenges

“5) Check your impulse to call the police on someone ‘suspicious’. Is their race, gender, ethnicity, class, or housing situation influencing your choice? Such calls can be death sentences for many people

“shoutout to #winnipegpolicecauseharm for putting together these community alternatives to policing”
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5 weeks ago by handcoding
Celebrating a Different Definition of "Safety" — Shelterforce
Night Out for Safety and Liberation provides an alternative to annual police-sponsored community events, and is growing in popularity around the nation.
8 weeks ago by arielgrace
The Amazing Bureaucracy of Burning Man (CityLab, 8/30/2017)
If you love bureaucracy, Black Rock City is the alternative desert utopia for you.
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10 weeks ago by davidkoren
Good Girl Energy on Twitter: "CW: racism, police violence, ACAB As a white person one of the most important pieces of unlearning I've had to do is to let go of the lessons I was taught as a child about cops being protectors & saviors and to stop seein
“CW: racism, police violence, ACAB

“As a white person one of the most important pieces of unlearning I’ve had to do is to let go of the lessons I was taught as a child about cops being protectors & saviors and to stop seeing them as harmless mediators in judicial matters”
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august 2019 by handcoding
I hope he called the in them like they would’ve been called on us. Of course the cops would’ve le…
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