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Guide du droit d'auteur pour la copie des biens numériques - gouvernement GB
droit  d'auteur  numerique  copie  GB  legislation 
april 2014 by SophieStM
Thinking Through a Strategy for Digital Rights Management « The Scholarly Kitchen
Publishers are faced with a few broad options (but countless sub-options):

They can play hardball and fight infringement at every turn. This more or less is the current situation for most, though definitely not all, publishers. Let’s call this the legal enforcement strategy.
They can play softball and learn to tolerate a certain degree of file-sharing, punctuated with the occasional outburst (e.g., the targeted lawsuit against a major infringer) to restore some friction to the economy. Some publishers are gravitating to this position now. Let’s call this the editorial strategy, with publishers being highly selective about asserting their positions, but insisting on their prerogatives whether or not they are asserted.
They can move to a strategy of full engagement. They can appeal to their readers in various ways, be responsive to their questions and challenges, and portray their company as being a part of the civic infrastructure. We can call this the NPR strategy.
They can begin to re
drm  stratégie  copie  piratage  illégal  téléchargement  friction 
april 2012 by sentinelle
Droit d'auteur et photo, intéressant et provocateur
If Jay Maisel's Photograph Is Original Artwork, Then So Is the Pixelated Cover of Kind of Bloop
copyright  photography  photo  art  droits  propriété  intellectuelle  copie  from delicious
june 2011 by plouf
Metakine - Fairmount
Fairmount est un outil permettant la lecture d'un DVD encrypté.
DeCSS  CSS  DVD  protection  copie  lecture  mac  software  todo:link 
july 2010 by nhoizey
ScrnShots: Share your inspiration
"ScrnShots is the best way to take, find, and share screenshots of web and screen based design."
screenshot  inspiration  design  web  copie  d'écran  mac  windows  galerie  software  todo:link 
december 2009 by nhoizey
DropCopy for Macintosh | 10base-t interactive
Easily and quickly send files and folders to multiple destinations across your LAN by simply dragging files onto recipients in a popup window.
copie  fichier  mac  lan  software  todo:link 
june 2009 by nhoizey

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