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RT : Can't wait to see next update of handy protocols and implement in

Check them out…
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may 2019 by stuartberry1
Learn Graphviz and Up Your Diagramming Game - - David Bryant Copeland's Website
Questo articolo scritto da Dave Copeland (quello delle command line apps in ruby) è stupendo. E' un tutorial di base per grafici scritti con DOT e renderizzati via GraphViz.
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april 2017 by microspino
How do you solve a problem like Corbyn?
I am not going to call for Corbyn to step down. This is not because I don’t understand the seriousness of the circumstances, or because I’m happy to lose as long as the leadership stays in the hands of the hard left (I’m not). It’s because I think calling for him to step down at this point in time would make everything worse.
If Labour embraces a radical, class-based politics communicated in resonant simple language, it has the chance of being revitalised. But if it returns to hollowed-out triangulation, it will collapse in slow motion. Without a bold offer to the working class (which the party’s social democrats do not seem to offer), the party has no reason to exist.
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february 2017 by owenblacker
Labour won Stoke. Jamie Reed lost Copeland – Mosquito Ridge – Medium
People are voting Tory in the full knowledge that the NHS is collapsing, being privatised, that refugee children are being left molested at Calais and that a bunch of Tory incompetents are in charge - because they want Brexit.

Brexit, not nuclear power, is the thing blinding a large section of the English and Welsh electorate at present and that will not change until the negotiations go catastrophically wrong, and the economic disaster unfolds
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february 2017 by petej
Here's How You Fight A By-Election In 2017 - BuzzFeed News
Meanwhile, in Copeland the Greens are standing an overtly anti-nuclear candidate who cheerily stood up at a hustings on Wednesday night and told an audience of nuclear power workers their industry is bad for the environment and should not expand.
february 2017 by yorksranter

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