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Electric Embers – Handcrafted hosting, powering the fires of change
I originally heard about this at the 2012 Nonprofit Developers Summit.
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8 weeks ago by ghing
Business Ownership Accelerator |
GAIN THE TOOLS TO TRANSFORM AN INDUSTRY 1. KNOWLEDGE & TRAINING From cooperative governance to digital marketing, access our exclusive content via virtual and in-person workshops and webinars over the 10 weeks. We use a unique blend of co-op knowledge, tech start-up experience and curriculum from our partners in the Fledge Accelerator program. Our cohort based approach helps co-ops save time and grow faster. 2. STRATEGIC MENTORSHIP Connect to our growing mentor network made up of world class entrepreneurs, experts, and co-op developers. We are honored that our mentor network includes multiple co-op hall of fame inductees. 3. PLATFORM SERVICES Ranging from human resources, member management software, marketing platforms, rebate tracking, accounting, and cloud services, our proven shared services and tools allow individual co-ops to benefit from the power of cooperation. 4. INVESTMENT We believe enough in each participant that we hand them $10,000. In addition, we provide strategy on how to best use shareholder fundraising, co-op loan programs, social impact investors, and traditional investors.
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