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Stop phone spam | Recomendo
KK recommends Nomorobo as effective in reducing robocalls on his landlines and mobile; 2018 May 27.
2018  reviews  KK  CoolTools  robocalls 
7 weeks ago by amoore
IoT Relay | Cool Tools
110-volt outlet box that interfaces to 3 to 5-volt digital control signal; Cool Tools review, 2018-May-15
embedded  electronics  Arduino  RaspberryPi  CoolTools  reviews  2018 
9 weeks ago by amoore
Wintercheck Factory Utility Shower Curtain | Cool Tools
“I’ve been using the Utility Shower Curtain, a simple but brilliant upgrade to an everyday object, for the past few months. It is, very simply, a shower curtain with four draining pockets sewn on the inside and two towel loops on the outside. What once was a shower crowded with shampoos and conditioners (I have two roommates) is now considerably tidier.”
cooltools  showercurtains  recommendations  2011 
9 weeks ago by handcoding
Elements of Typographic Style | Cool Tools
Re-recommended by KK; 2018-Apr-30: "I wanted a reliable [book which] could introduce me to the philosophy of type and then also practically guide me through the jungle of fonts to ones that work best."
2018  books  typography  graphic-design  CoolTools 
11 weeks ago by amoore

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