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What Is Pleroma? | Lainblog
An introduction to the Pleroma microblogging server

Basically a better/faster version of Mastodon
CoolStuff  activitypub  microblogging  mastodon  alternative  blogging  Twitter  opensource  federated  fediverse  microblog 
5 days ago by trevormeier
SSB Roadmap - HackMD
Cool example of data viz with markdown using mermaid notation
CoolStuff  SSB  scuttlebutt  roadmap  data  visualisation  markdown  mermaid 
5 days ago by trevormeier
Tap Forms - Organizer Database App for Mac, iPhone, and iPad
Kind of like Bento or Hypercard, but more modern. Includes syncing and sharing options
coolstuff  productivity  collaboration  tools  database  software 
7 days ago by trevormeier

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