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Canal Street Market
Nice navigation, especially how to animates in after pageload
7 weeks ago by tylerpaige
Believe it Yourself
NIce header design. Enjoyable how the video can add decks, of sorts.
essays  Design  cool_websites 
9 weeks ago by tylerpaige
Blue Spring
cool site for a concept album about ravers fighting the govt in a forest. tribute to Akira.
cool_websites  projects  music  techno  Design 
may 2019 by tylerpaige
Nice scroll tricks. Mimics fabric folding for each slide
web_design  web_dev  cool_websites 
february 2019 by tylerpaige
Home — Justin McGuirk
nice transition to a light gray for reading. cool to see writers with good websites.
cool_websites  writers  design 
october 2017 by tylerpaige

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