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Protecting Against HSTS Abuse | WebKit
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7 days ago by hail2u
What's the Deal with Cookie Consent Notices? - WPMU DEV
equired for website functionality and don’t track user activity once the browser window is closed. Examples of session cookies include faceted search filter cookies, user authentication cookies, cookies that enable shopping cart functionality, and cookies used to enable playback of multimedia content.
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12 days ago by infiniteeye
Disable aggregation and analysis of data collected on this website
cookie  tracking  web  blogs 
24 days ago by po
Cookie Cutter Customizer by thingiverse - Thingiverse
Cookie Cutter customizer in Thingiverse. Not as easy to use as Cookie Caster website.
thingiverse  cookie  cookiecutter  customizer  iste18 
5 weeks ago by amann

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