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GitHub - vdumoulin/conv_arithmetic: A technical report on convolution arithmetic in the context of deep learning
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july 2018 by ohnice
Intuitively Understanding Convolutions for Deep Learning
convolutions as a concept are fascinatingly powerful and highly extensible, and in this post, we’ll break down the mechanics of the convolution operation, step-by-step, relate it to the standard fully connected network, and explore just how they build up a strong visual hierarchy, making them powerful feature extractors for images.
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june 2018 by areich
deep learning - What do you mean by 1D, 2D and 3D Convolutions in CNN? - Stack Overflow
Can anyone please clearly explain the difference between 1D, 2D and 3D convolutions in CNN (Deep learning) with examples? In a nutshell, convolutional direction & output shape is important!
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june 2018 by leninworld
locuslab/TCN: Sequence modeling benchmarks and temporal convolutional networks
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march 2018 by nharbour
Case Study: A world class image classifier for dogs and cats (err.., anything)
It is amazing how far computer vision has come in the last couple of years. Problems that are insanely intractable for classical machine learning methods are a piece of cake for the emerging field of…
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february 2018 by rishaanp
Going beyond full utilization: The inside scoop on Nervana's Winograd kernels - Nervana | Nervana
By: Urs Köster and Scott Gray This is part 2 of a series of posts on how Nervana uses the Winograd algorithm to make convolutional networks faster than e
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july 2016 by rseymour

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