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The Murders And The Journalists - The Awl
"After a major event, mainstream opinion tends to fall heavily on one side of any element of controversy — often, not coincidentally, the “official” side. The best-supported theory tends to become official, and the stamp of officialdom confers additional credibility on that narrative. The problem with most alternative theories, which usually involve conspiracies, is that too many implausibilities need to be explained away, such that Occam’s razor cuts the other way. For the buildings at Ground Zero to have been destroyed by controlled demolition, we need to accept, apart from extraordinary evil “on the inside,” the existence of a widespread, perfectly executed conspiracy without a leak. An elaborate network of improbabilities is required, whereas the official story has relatively few anomalies to account for — not zero, mind you, because inevitable anomalies like weird puffs of debris are what give rise to conspiracy theories to begin with, but relatively few. We balance the troublesome facts on each side to find the ones we can live with."
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september 2017 by sterilisedeye
The Innocent Man, Part Two
"We heard the baby cry in the next room, and Maggie went to get her. A few minutes later she returned, holding the seven-month-old. The baby was tiny and alert, her expression placid as she stared at us. Her blue eyes were as bright as her late grandmother’s, who would be 57 were she still alive. We all stared back at the baby as she studied us, watchful and serene, unaware of all the pain and suffering that had come before her. Her name, of course, is Christine."
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september 2017 by sterilisedeye
The Innocent Man, Part One
"During that time, he had gotten to know several county inmates who were well acquainted with the Texas Department of Corrections. They had given him advice he never forgot: keep your mouth shut and your eyes open, and always fight back. In prison, it didn’t matter if you won or lost. In the long run, getting the hell beaten out of you was better than showing that you were too scared to fight."
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september 2017 by sterilisedeye
Good Schools Aren’t the Secret to Israel’s High-Tech Boom - WSJ
March 20, 2017

Israel’s shadow education system has three components. The first is our heritage of debate—it’s in the Jewish DNA. For generations Jews have studied the Talmud, our legal codex, in a way vastly different from what goes on in a standard classroom. Instead of listening to a lecture, the meaning of complex texts is debated by students in hevruta—pairs—with a teacher offering occasional guidance.

Unlike quiet Western libraries, the Jewish beit midrash—house of study—is a buzzing beehive of learning. Since the Talmud is one of the most complex legal codes ever gathered, the idea of a verdict is almost irrelevant to those studying. Students engage in debate for the sake of debate. They analyze issues from all directions, finding different solutions. Multiple answers to a single question are common. Like the Talmud itself—which isn’t the written law but a gathering of protocols—the learning process, not the result, is valued.

The second component of our shadow education system is the peer-teaches-peer model of Jewish youth organizations, membership-based groups that we call “movements.” Teenagers work closely with younger children; they lead groups on excursions and hikes, develop informal curricula, and are responsible for those in their care. As an 11th-grade student, I took fifth-graders on an overnight hike in the mountains. Being given responsibilities at a young age helped shape me into who I am today.

The third component is the army.
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Cleaning muddy slates in an online world
We welcome the Minister’s enthusiasm to look at the law, because there’s another component that deserves investigation and possible change. A number of newspapers in New Zealand have a practice of publishing the names and conviction details of everyone prosecuted in the local court. This includes those convictions covered by the Clean Slate Act.
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february 2016 by djhdcj
What happened to Kesha?: a timeline | Passion of the Weiss
Passion of the Weiss (Music blog) Kesha (singer) Haley Potiker Pop music pop and rock Dr Luke (producer) timelines history Music history law Lawsuits Convictions Rape (Sexual assault) sexual abuse
Passion  of  the  Weiss  (Music  blog)  Kesha  (singer)  Haley  Potiker  Pop  music  and  rock  Dr  Luke  (producer)  timelines  history  history  law  Lawsuits  Convictions  Rape  (Sexual  assault)  sexual  abuse 
november 2015 by dk33per
Silk Road Mastermind Ross Ulbricht Convicted of All 7 Charges
The case’s decision will no doubt be seen by many as U.S. law enforcement striking a significant blow against the dark web’s burgeoning drug trade. More broadly, the case represents the limits of cryptographic anonymity tools like Tor and bitcoin against the surveillance powers of the U.S. government. In spite of his use of those crypto tools and others, Ulbricht couldn’t prevent the combined efforts of the FBI, DHS, and IRS from linking his pseudonym to his real-world identity.

But Ulbricht will nonetheless be remembered not just for his conviction, but also for ushering in a new age of online black markets. Today’s leading dark web drug sites like Agora and Evolution offer more narcotics listings than the Silk Road ever did, and have outlived law enforcement’s crackdown on their competitors. Tracking down and prosecuting those new sites’ operators, like prosecuting Ulbricht, will likely require the same intense, multi-year investigations by three-letter agencies.

If the feds do find the administrators of the next generation of dark web drug sites, as they found Ulbricht, don’t expect those online drug lords to let their unencrypted laptops be snatched in a public library, or to have kept assiduous journals of their criminal conspiracies. The Dread Pirate Roberts’ successors have no doubt been watching his trial unfold and learning from his mistakes. And the next guilty verdict may not be so easy.
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february 2015 by jm
The Internet’s Own Boy — The Message — Medium
"I don’t believe the system can be saved from within, but I’m glad many of my friends do — I might be wrong. In fact, I’d love to be wrong. But I couldn’t look in the face of my beloved and tell him I believed his life’s work in political reform would be effective. I was too damaged, I’d seen too much terrible violence from the American system to believe in it anymore."

"The American people have spent my whole life telling themselves stories that let them off the hook when it comes to being responsible wardens of our country and our world. And you’re still doing it. You’re even using my dead, beloved Aaron to do it, whom you let die. People love to say Aaron was a genius, and prodigy, and there’s no one like him. But he wasn’t. He just cared and believed in things and he let his care and his belief move his life. You could do that any day, any minute. You could be like any of the characters in this movie, all of whom are real people, and let your convictions be more important than your job or your mortgage or your debt or any of the million little things Americans let keep them small and separated and afraid. You could organize your communities. You could help Taren’s efforts to pressure companies into being better actors on the global stage. You could help by contributing to Larry’s superpac attempt to reform our broken democracy. You could listen to Ben’s stories of political reform, and get involved in the issues he talks about. You could even come over to my side of our grand debate and try to work out how to build a society without government as we know it.

But you can’t just sit there and call Aaron a hero and a genius and whatever. He is dead. He is dust. He is now just one more of the millions of victims of this American dream that has only been a nightmare for so many.

Your ass will be in a seat watching a movie. When it is done, get up, and do something."
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june 2014 by robertogreco
Next clothing retailer loses appeal over €100 fine in ‘spam’ case - Crime & Law News from Ireland & Abroad | The Irish Times - Wed, Mar 19, 2014
as TJ McIntyre noted: '€100 fine for a repeat spammer. Data Protection Commissioner calls this "strong protection". With a straight face.'

Next will doubtless fork over the 100 Euros out of the petty cash drawer, then carry on regardless. This isn't a useful fine. What a farce...
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march 2014 by jm

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