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2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera: It’s Super, All Right | Review | Car and Driver
It’s super right, even if it’s not superlight.
It’s a good thing you can’t see the gorgeous, flowing Superleggera script adorning each of the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera’s hood strakes from the driver’s seat. Catching a glimpse of that chromed cursive while piloting Aston’s newest flagship might clash with the other stimuli tickling your senses.
This 715-hp coupe throws plenty at you from its perch above the DB11 and the new Vantage. Endless thrust and incredible noise. The sensuous feel of the interior’s microsuede and Bridge of Weir leather. Since licking is a sensory action we assume to be reserved for those who actually pay the $308,081 and up Aston charges for the DBS, we can’t speak to how it tastes. Whatever you’re into, it had better not include taking things literally, because for a car with nomenclature that translates from Italian as “superlight,” it sure feels heavy.
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5 days ago by rgl7194
The Lexus LC Convertible Gets Its Goodwood Moment
Previously shown as a concept, the topless version of the striking LC coupe is now on its way to production.
Lexus showed this production-ready prototype of the LC convertible at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the U.K.
The new convertible is expected to have the LC500 coupe's 471-hp V-8.
More details will be added as they become available.
When Lexus showed its LC convertible concept at this January’s Detroit auto show, it severely revised down our expectations of what a concept car could be. It was really just the already known, already loved LC coupe, shorn of roof. And though the LC's form is still lingeringly wild, the basic shape has been on the road for a good two years now, and a folding top does not a concept car make.
So when we saw the actual production version of the LC convertible at this weekend's Goodwood Festival of Speed in England, we witnessed that rarest of things: a productionized version of a conceptized production car.
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15 days ago by rgl7194
2020 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante – Ritzy Grand-Touring Convertible
Aston's droptop DBS looks great, goes like stink, and puts you in touch with the elements.
As Aston Martin contemplates some radical new directions for its vehicles, it's reassuring to see that parts of its portfolio remain traditional. Soon, the British luxury brand will launch its first SUV, the DBX, as well as the beyond-hypercar Valkyrie that will lead to a whole family of mid-engined models targeting Ferrari. Against this, the predictable decapitation of Aston's DBS Superleggera sport coupe seems comfortingly familiar. Enter the 2020 DBS Superleggera Volante.
The DBS coupe is based on the lesser DB11, so it's no surprise that the DBS Volante shares a similarly direct relationship with the open-top DB11. Both cars use the same structure and folding-fabric-roof mechanism, although the DBS gets carbon-fiber bodywork and a muscular exterior design to signal that it has been turned up some. While the DB11 Volante is available only with a Mercedes-AMG–sourced twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8, the DBS uses Aston's own twin-turbo 5.2-liter V-12 as its sole powerplant.
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17 days ago by rgl7194
2019 Hot Wheels M Case Unboxing - Hall's Guide for Hot Wheels Collectors
Episode 321 – I’ve been gone a while….but I’m back and I have the brand new 2019 Hot Wheels M Case. This one has the new ’16 Lamborghini Centenario Roadster and a cool off-road version of the Chrysler Pacifica.
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19 days ago by rgl7194
2019 BMW Z4 – Now a More Convincing Sports Car
Better to drive than its predecessor, the new Z4 is a more convincing sports car.
This review has been updated with test results.
Some sports cars are bought to be driven, and—let's be honest here—some are bought to be flaunted. The outgoing BMW Z4 always felt more suited to catwalk duties, as it was compromised by the cumbersome retractable hard top that operated like a mechanized ballet but added mass and bulk in the wrong places for a sports car. As such, it struggled to make a convincing case to buyers asking the toughest question in this market: "Why shouldn't I buy a Porsche Boxster instead?"
The new Z4 is far sharper to drive than its predecessor, and Boxster comparisons will certainly come. But the more pressing question is how it will differ from the new Toyota Supra. In an unlikely corporate hookup, both cars will be built by Magna Steyr in Austria, and they are as closely related as models with different exterior styling can be. The Supra is a coupe and the Z4 a convertible, but both use the same structure and share all underbody hardpoints, suspension design, and powertrains. But don't assume the Z4's fabric roof makes it the less athletic sibling. Indeed, after driving both, we can report that the Z4 measures up to the high bar set by the nimble Supra.
cars  BMW  convertible  review 
20 days ago by rgl7194
2020 Porsche 718 Spyder – Six-Cylinder High-Performance Boxster
Now just as hard-core as its hardtop Cayman GT4 sibling, the new Spyder intrigues with its naturally aspirated flat-six.
This new high-performance version of the Porsche 718 Boxster is called the 718 Spyder.
It uses a naturally aspirated flat-six engine with 414 horsepower, cementing its place atop the lineup.
The 2020 718 Spyder will go on sale next spring with a starting price of $97,550.
With more power and torque than the last-gen flat-six cars, every variety of the Porsche 718 Boxster we’ve tested reaffirms that this mid-engined master pulls harder with its new turbocharged four-cylinder engines. But Porsche’s GT customers—some of the most nitpicky people in the sports-car universe—demanded that the hottest Boxster, the Spyder, return with the engine they think the cars deserved. Porsche listened.
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23 days ago by rgl7194
2020 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante – 211-MPH GT Convertible
Aston Martin has chopped the top off its DBS Superleggera, creating what it says is "the ultimate open-top experience."
Aston Martin's new DBS Superleggera Volante is the convertible version of the fixed-roof DBS coupe.
It shares both the coupe's 715-hp V-12 engine and its 211-mph top speed.
The Volante costs almost $25,000 more than its coupe counterpart.
Have you been wanting a convertible Aston Martin but feel that the DB11 Volante's puny 503-hp V-8 and frankly disappointing 187-mph top speed aren't enough for you? Then get out your checkbook (or should it be chequebook?), because the DBS Superleggera Volante is here, and it's the fastest convertible that Aston Martin has ever made.
The droptop Volante shares its 715-hp twin-turbo 5.2-liter V-12 and eight-speed automatic transmission with the DBS Superleggera coupe, and the performance is nearly identical. Aston's claimed 3.5-second zero-to-62-mph time for the Volante is just 0.1 second slower than that of the coupe, and its 6.7-second zero-to-100-mph figure is 0.3 second slower. But when it comes to top speed—which a person of taste knows is the most important figure for any car—the Volante matches the coupe with a shocking 211-mph maximum. Aston also says that, thanks to some new aero trickery (and the DBS coupe's already slippery body), the Volante produces 390 pounds of downforce at its top speed, just seven pounds less than the coupe.
cars  aston  preview  convertible  2020s 
11 weeks ago by rgl7194
2020 Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster: Because Nothing Says Summer Like 577 HP
Walking home in the snow last night maybe me ache for summer and, as if it was sympathetic to my plight, Mercedes revealed the 2020 Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster—a 577 horsepower convertible with a top speed of 197 mph. You know, for when those hot days return and you need to cool off.
I love convertibles. I especially love a convertible with a wing. The Audi TT RS, 911 Turbo, S2000 CR—all enthusiastic yeses from me. The addition of the wing always adds the touch of visual balance I often find convertibles need, and it’s just convenient that they usually end up being the high performance models.
cars  mercedes  convertible 
march 2019 by rgl7194
Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster - 759 Roofless Horsepower
With 759 horsepower and a 217-mph top speed, the Roadster is just as absurd as the coupe.
The Aventador SVJ roadster has debuted at the Geneva auto show, and it's exactly what we expected.
It shares the SVJ coupe's 759-hp engine and 217-mph top speed.
The SVJ roadster will start at more than $570,000 when it goes on sale this summer.
It's pretty much a given that when a new Lamborghini coupe comes out, a droptop model is sure to follow. This has yet again been proven true with the Aventador SVJ roadster, which has just debuted at the Geneva auto show. As the name says, this is an Aventador SVJ coupe with the roof lopped off—and no other changes made.
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march 2019 by rgl7194

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