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Convert Milligram (mg) to Teaspoons (tsp) | Milligrams to Teaspoons Converter
Feel free to use this online milligrams to teaspoons converter to easily convert milligrams (mg) to teaspoons (tsp) unit within fractions of seconds.
5 days ago by ken30096
imagemagick - Convert PDF to image with high resolution - Stack Overflow
Normally I extract the embedded image with 'pdfimages' at the native resolution, then use ImageMagick's convert to the needed format:

$ pdfimages -list fileName.pdf

ls -1 *.pdf | xargs -I {} pdfimages -all {} ./images/{}
$ pdfimages fileName.pdf fileName # save in .ppm format
$ convert fileName-000.ppm fileName-000.png
this generate the best and smallest result file.

Note: For lossy JPG embedded images, you had to use -j:

$ pdfimages -j fileName.pdf fileName # save in .jpg fo...
pdf  conversion  jpg  convert  images  workflow 
13 days ago by mjlassila
snippet generator
Snippet generator for Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text and Atom. Enjoy :-)
generator  atom  code  boilerplate  vscode  coding  convert  snippet  snippets  sublime 
14 days ago by speckz
CMYK tiff to K only | Adobe Community
how to convert a CMYK image to JUST print black ink (k)
photoshop  cmyk  convert  profiles  black  printing 
23 days ago by skivvie - Helpful resources/tools for developers
A helpful resource of tools and guides for development, such as base64 decode encode, xml prettier, background noise and more.

A helpful resource of tools and guides for development, such as base64 decode encode, xml prettier, background noise and more.

programming  convert  tools 
25 days ago by michaelfox

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