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What is the ONE book/course you'd recommend to someone starting out in direct response? | Copy Chief
Great advice for new copywriters:

"If there's one thing you should look into as a new copywriter, it's learn how marketing funnels and the sales conversion process works...

Advertorials is a great starting training to give you a start. That leads to a sales page (Dan Kennedy's book can give you the depths of this), and then Todd Brown's CCL talk is another great look at how funnels are built. Casey has a sales process which is great to also give you an overview. It's meant for Freelancers, but easily applies to business in general.

You may not want to build funnels, but you definitely need to understand how someone goes from "not knowing who you are" to "becoming your best customer."
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yesterday by cmananian
Nordisk katolicism CAVALLIN, LARS
Den katolska missionsverksamheten i Norden, de nordiska konvertiternas väg till katolska kyrkan och deras betydelse för katolicismens utveckling i Norden, allt detta undersöks i ett stort arbete av Yvonne Maria Werner, docent i historia vid Lunds universitet.
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2 days ago by benjekman
Humanizer meets all your .NET needs for manipulating and displaying strings, enums, dates, times, timespans, numbers and quantities
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5 days ago by samiru
Convert Lat Long to Address Show on Map
Type the lat and long coordinate values and press Convert button. A reverse geocoded address will be shown on the map below.
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10 days ago by jmello

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