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CloudConvert supports the conversion between more than 200 different audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet and presentation formats.
conversion  tools 
6 hours ago by MrGuilt
ImageJ — Dithering Macro
This macro takes an 8 bit greyscale or a 24 bit RGB image and performs dithering using one of the methods supported. Dithering is a type of half tone thresholding where greyscale (or RGB channel) intensity is converted into a local density of binary pixels. This is ideal for rendering images in devices with a binary output such as printers (greyscale) or with a small number of colours (colour dithering).
graphics  conversion  software  open-source  plugins 
4 days ago by mikael
APIMATIC - Transformer
Convert between popular API Specification formats. Formats include: Swagger, WSDL, RAML, WADL, YAML, POSTMAN, I/O Docs, Google Discovery, Mashape, OpenAPI Spec 3.0 and API Blueprint
rest  api  conversion  converter  blueprint  swagger 
7 days ago by nonsenz
How to Rip VHS - Anarchivism
"This is a guide about the logistics of ripping a VHS tape. Why would anyone want to do this? Surprisingly, there are a lot of films that never made it on to DVD, and are stuck back in the age of magnetic tape. On top of this, other films have editions, workprints, or alternate scenes only available on an older tape release. The only way to watch them is to hunt down a used tape and hope for the best. With this guide, hopefully people can become more aware of how to rip from a tape, and save some lost classics!"
vhs  howto  tips  conversion 
9 days ago by bunnyhero
Omni Calculator
Omni Calculator solves 618 problems anywhere from finance and business to health. It’s so fast and easy you won’t want to do the math again!
calculator  conversion  maths  permutation  video  compression  binary  decimal  number  collection 
10 days ago by stevecopley
Omni Calculator
hundreds of calculators and conversion tools
business  fitness  health  conversion  calculator  math  tools 
13 days ago by awhite

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