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Converting DND 3.5 DC to DFRPG - Steve Jackson Games Forums
Maybe this is overly simplistic, but I treat a DC 15 task as skill +0, and add +2/-2 to skill for each 5 points above or below that. Easy enough to remember:

DC 5: +4
DC 10: +2
DC 15: 0
DC 20: -2
DC 25: -4
DC 30: -6
DC 35: -8
DC 40: -10

Then I'll add or subtract another +1 for the numbers which are more than 1 DC off from a multiple of 5. So DC 19 and 21 are -2 just like DC 20, but DC 17 and 18 are just -1, and DC 22 and 23 are -3.
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5 days ago by eggdropsoap

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