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10 Lessons Learned Conducting Code Reviews - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Advice on improving your team's code review process through better communication and setting standards.
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5 days ago by gilberto5757
wikidetox/wikiconv at master · conversationai/wikidetox
For the English language dataset, this results in 8.7M rows (conversations with comments from at least two distinct users).
dataset  wikipedia  conversation  corpus  dialogue  talk 
10 days ago by pskomoroch
is an uncommon tool for creating and deploying powerful online interactions - Ultimately serving to change conventional forms to vivid conversations.
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10 days ago by roggedoggelito
Conversation Starters - Fun Topics For Every Occasion | TableTopics
Conversation Starters for every occasion - funny, engaging conversation starter questions for your next dinner party or family get together.
conversation  cards 
13 days ago by toddje
Conversations between Nakahara Kodai and Sekiguchi Atsuhito : 1. "KODAI NAKAHARA: Migration or Retrospective" (Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art)
"What prompted the long silence of this legendary artist? What inspired works such as his Lego and figurine pieces, huge influences on those who came after?"

plastic models

"polystyrene dog on top of a radio-controlled vehicle"

"When I was about thirty, I had this urge to remind myself of what a lunar module looked like...."
KodaiNakahara  interview  conversation  artist  REALKYOTO  Kyoto  Kansai  search  2013  fire  plastic  model  Lego  AtsuhitoSekiguchi  Okayama 
14 days ago by cosmic
Dr. Alan Kay on the Meaning of "Object-Oriented Programming"
Dr. Alan Kay explains when "object-oriented" was first used and what it means.
oop  programming  conversation  history  lisp 
18 days ago by steffenfiedler
Active Listening: The Master Key to Effective Communication
Most people listen with intent to do something – usually to defend themselves, or to solve a problem. Nearly everyone listens with the intent of having something ready to say as soon as the speaker is finished. Have you ever wondered how crazy that is? Shouldn’t there be a pause once in a while, as one of the speakers actually thinks about what to say, or even better, thinks about what has been said? Here’s a phenomenon you’ll observe repeatedly if you look for it: Two speakers, appearing to be carrying on a conversation, but really just giving two monologues, split up by each other, each one waiting simply for time on whatever stage he or she imagines to be on…Listeners usually can’t wait to leap to their own defense, and spend their time thinking like an attorney who’s planning a closing argument rather than hearing what’s being said. You can imagine how ineffective this is.”
farnam  Conversation 
19 days ago by elrob
Ten Techniques for Quickly Building Trust With Anyone
Suspending your ego is nothing more complex than putting other individuals’ wants, needs, and perceptions of reality ahead of your own. Most times, when two individuals engage in a conversation, each patiently waits for the other person to be done with whatever story he or she is telling. Then, the other person tells his or her own story, usually on a related topic and often times in an attempt to have a better and more interesting story. Individuals practicing good ego suspension would continue to encourage the other individual to talk about his or her story, neglecting their own need to share what they think is a great story.
farnam  conversation 
19 days ago by elrob

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