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MARTECHSERIES – Majesco Announces Brian Solis As A Keynote Speaker At Convergence 2019
MarTechSeries Announcment: Convergence 2019 – Brian Solis to be Keynote Speaker.

Excerpt: Majesco, a global provider of market-leading insurance technology announced that Brian Solis will be a keynote speaker at its upcoming customer conference Convergence 2019 taking place in Savannah, Georgia on April 14 – 17, 2019.
brian+solis  convergence  convergence2019  keynote  Speaking  brian  solis 
4 days ago by briansolis
Everything You Know about Cross-Country Convergence Is (Now) Wrong | Center For Global Development
A quarter-century after the empirical growth literature set out to explain why poor countries aren’t catching up with rich ones, cross-country regressions have mercifully gone out of fashion. But in the interim, the core facts have changed.
growth  growth.theory  development  countries  data  convergence 
7 weeks ago by zesteur
A Sufficiency Vision for an Ecologically Constrained World
Owing to the limits of eco-efficiency and the need to liberate environmental space for the global poor, new policy instruments should be designed to bring about ecological fair sharing between countries and a new economy based on the concept of sufficiency.
convergence  equality  BEM 
october 2018 by zesteur
Archive ouverte HAL - Replicating Speech Rate Convergence Experiments on the Switchboard Corpus
Abstract : Replicability of scientific studies grounded on language corpora requires a careful approach of each step from data selection and preprocessing up to significance testing. In this paper, we propose such a replication of a recent study based on a classic conversational corpus (Switchboard). The study (Cohen Priva et al., 2017) focuses on speech rate convergence between speakers in conversation. While the replication confirms the main result of the original study, it also shows interesting variations in the details. Moreover we take this opportunity to test further the study for its robustness with regard to data selection and preprocessing as well as to the underlying model of the variable (speech rate). The analysis also shows that another approach is necessary to consider the complex aspects of the speech rate in conversations. Pushing further a previous analysis is another benefit of replication in general: testing and strengthening the results of other teams and increasing validity and visibility of interesting studies and results.
speech  convergence  entrainment 
july 2018 by arsyed
Jensens Inequality that Guarantees Convergence of the EM Algorithm - Colaberry
Here we shall consider a scenario of a strictly convex function that maps a uniform random variable and visualize the inequality theorem.
Archive  convergence  jensen  jenseninequality 
june 2018 by leninworld
Chatbots were the next big thing: what happened?
At the Mobile World Congress 2017, chatbots were the main headliners. The conference organizers cited an ‘overwhelming acceptance at the event of the inevitable shift of focus for brands and corporates to chatbots’.

In fact, the only significant question around chatbots was who would monopolize the field, not whether chatbots would take off in the first place:

“Will a single platform emerge to dominate the chatbot and personal assistant ecosystem?”
One year on, we have an answer to that question.


Because there isn’t even an ecosystem for a platform to dominate.
Mobile  strategy  convergence 
june 2018 by janpeuker
The great challenge of the 21st century is learning to consume less. This is how we can do it | World Economic Forum
It’s not humans per se who are causing our ecological crisis. It’s humans who live in societies that see material consumption as a paramount virtue, and who insist that their economies deliver more of it each year.
inequality  convergence  consumption  country.strategies 
may 2018 by zesteur
Convergence Culture in European Newsrooms: Comparing editorial strategies for cross-media news production in six countries: Journalism Studies: Vol 19, No 6
For two decades, convergence culture has been an important motivator for change in journalism worldwide. Journalism research has followed these developments, investigating the dimensions of change that define convergence as a cultural shift in the newsroom. Research in the European context has mostly been comprised of national case studies of flagship media outlets whereas comparative, let alone quantitative, studies are scarce. In response to these shortcomings, we present a comparative survey among newspaper journalists in managerial positions on convergence strategies in newsrooms from Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, and Portugal. Results show that there is still a dominant print culture present in newsrooms across Europe; however, a shift toward convergence journalism is evident in the strategic implementation of editorial routines and practices as well as in the encouragement of journalists to join convergence developments. Furthermore, newsrooms in Mediterranean countries are more advanced than those in North/Central Europe when it comes to embracing convergence culture because of a stronger audio-visual than print news tradition and a higher motivation among journalists. Our study reveals that after two decades of European convergence journalism, cultural change moves slowly but steadily toward a news production that makes use of the possibilities emerging from convergence.
newsroom  convergence  Research 
april 2018 by paulbradshaw
Alfred Crosby, ‘Father of Environmental History,’ Is Dead at 87 - The New York Times
He also described a parallel development that transformed global ecology forever: the transoceanic movement of plants and animals, in which Europeans shipped staple crops like wheat, oats and fruit stock along with horses, goats and pigs to the Americas, where they were not known, and transported back to Europe New World cultivars like maize, potatoes and beans.
history  research  humidity  botany  colonialism  readthisbook  convergence  merge 
april 2018 by pagecarr
Pimplefoam - residuals not converging -- CFD Online Discussion Forums
(2) get back to meshing and try a better mesh. if you are running latest OpenFOAM version 1706, you may run chekcMesh -writeAllFields to get scalar fields depicting the mesh quality parameters in paraview.
convergence  cfd  explained 
march 2018 by aries1988
From 700 Law Firms to 7: Avis' Changed Approach to Legal Work Has 'Saved Millions' | Corporate Counsel
“We have promised them they are it, there will never be more than them. The way it’s structured, since every firm has its own sandbox, they can all work with each other,” Tucker said. “If it [the case] is not in your box, you won’t get it, so they cooperate to supplement strengths or weaknesses, so no there’s no more bidding or contests.” 

Tucker says taking away the sense of competition has allowed firms to work more closely with each other and with Avis. But Tucker says the end of bids doesn’t mean the company expects lower quality work from firms, and that Avis has called out subpar outside work when it happens.

In exchange for Avis’ promised loyalty, the firms agreed to let the company pay discounted rack rates. Avis had a calculated global target rate that was then adjusted to account for geographical norms.

At times, the seven firms may send certain specialized work to their international affiliate law firms, but Avis does not have to manage the relationship with those affiliates.

The seven firms are required to follow Avis’ outlined blended rates based on staffing configuration. Under Avis’ model, Hatti says, there is an emphasis on firms using associates and LPOs when appropriate instead of partners, with exact staffing percentages outlined in the firms’ agreements. He says the firms will have to outline goals to increase diversity and inclusion each year, a growing demand for law firms in general.

“We will see savings, and the other advantage is it takes away the burden of us monitoring a law firm, and shifts the burden to the law firm to correctly staff our matters,” Hatti noted. 
clients  firms  convergence  data 
march 2018 by JordanFurlong

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