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Bannon descends on Rome, sowing chaos
Steve Bannon’s whirlwind tour of three continents took him to Italy’s capital on Thursday, to deliver a head-spinning diatribe on world events, economics, the environment and the prospects of Donald Trump’s reelection, about which he characteristically.Eyes grew glazed, yawns were stifled and when the show was finally wrapped up, photographers surrounded Bannon, nearly mobbing him, until in an instant he had disappeared into the night and, hopefully, into a bed for what appears to be much-needed sleep. managed to be both cryptic and definitive at the same time.If Trump can last the next six months, “and that’s a big if,” Bannon said, he will win bigger than in 2016... speaking before a group of around 150 journalists at the 17th century Biblioteca Angelica, a gorgeous high-ceilinged building lined with a million old books.The stunning library was built in 1604, he noted, “three years before the British set foot in Virginia, my home state,” a remark whose significance was lost on most of the Italian journalists present, and the Americans...And even though Russia was thuggish, it should be embraced, because the world would need its help against China, whose president, along with the pope, seems to have become one of Bannon’s newest targets.
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