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Who Can Use
a tool that brings attention and understanding to how color contrast can affect different people with visual impairments. Example: shows the lightest websafe gray on white that is AA-compliant.
webdev  a11y  color  contrast  colorcontrast  colorblind 
yesterday by frankfarm
Who Can Use
Find out who can use your color combination.
accessibility  color  design  contrast  tool 
6 days ago by theyve
Who Can Use
Find out who can use your color combination
colour  tool  design  color  ui  web  tools  contrast  Accessibility 
9 days ago by AlanRalph
[1911.04768] Debugging Crashes using Continuous Contrast Set Mining
".... Debugging groups of crashes is a manually intensive process that requires deep domain expertise and close inspection of traces and code, often under time constraints. We use contrast set mining, a form of discriminative pattern mining, to learn what distinguishes one group of crashes from another. Prior works focus on discretization to apply contrast mining to continuous data. We propose the first direct application of contrast learning to continuous data, without the need for discretization."
article  software  crash  analysis  contrast 
9 days ago by schahn
Checklist to avoid the most common accessibility errors
This isn’t a comprehensive guide to accessibility, but we’ll look at ways to avoid the most common accessibility errors identified by the WebAIM accessibility analysis of the top 1,000,000 home pages, and the HTTPArchive 2019 Web Almanac analysis of 5.8 million pages. I’m not going to get philosophical; if you’re reading this, I assume you care about why, and just want some tips on how.
fridayfrontend  accessibility  contrast  alt  buttons  html  cssbasics 
10 days ago by spaceninja

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