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YouTube -- ContraPoints: Does the Left Hate Free Speech?
"It's kind of a scary time to be alive, Dave. I know that you believe in something called the 'free marketplace of ideas': You believe that the best ideas will come out on top so long as their proponents are given a fair chance to argue for them. That must be a very comforting belief but I regret to say I don't share the optimism. The human mind is not very rational. People pick up most of their beliefs from the culture around them and oftentimes people seem to believe things for really self-interested reasons that have nothing to do with what is true or what the strongest arguments support." -- Rationality for me but not for thee! (SJWs always project.) "Personally, I hate criticism; it's trash." (SJWs always double down.)
elitism  contradiction  performativecontradiction  illiberalism  projection  unwarrantedselfimportance 
8 days ago by adamcrowe
Capitalism Camp for Kids - The New York Times
"Embedded in these programs is at least one contradiction: They promote entrepreneurship and leadership, but are also training kids to be good employees; to be innovators and disrupters, but also to be model office drones."
camps  capitalism  socialism  contradiction  drones  employees  obedience  innovation  disruption  entrepreneurship  children  indoctrination 
15 days ago by robertogreco
Measuring fitness heritability: Life history traits versus morphological traits in humans - Gavrus‐Ion - 2017 - American Journal of Physical Anthropology - Wiley Online Library
Traditional interpretation of Fisher's Fundamental Theorem of Natural Selection is that life history traits (LHT), which are closely related with fitness, show lower heritabilities, whereas morphological traits (MT) are less related with fitness and they are expected to show higher heritabilities.


LHT heritabilities ranged from 2.3 to 34% for the whole sample, with men showing higher heritabilities (4–45%) than women (0‐23.7%). Overall, MT presented higher heritability values than most of LHT, ranging from 0 to 40.5% in craniofacial indices, and from 13.8 to 32.4% in craniofacial angles. LHT showed considerable additive genetic variance values, similar to MT, but also high environmental variance values, and most of them presenting a higher evolutionary potential than MT.
study  biodet  behavioral-gen  population-genetics  hmm  contrarianism  levers  inference  variance-components  fertility  life-history  demographics  embodied  prediction  contradiction  empirical  sib-study 
27 days ago by nhaliday
YouTube -- Red Ice TV: A Tale Of Two Different Cultural Narratives
'While Oprah wants the movie "Black Panther" to receive an Oscar due to its "pride making" for young black children, White children are being taught that they are racists and evil for being White. In mass mainstream culture, one group is held up and celebrated while the other is being held down and demonized. One group receives affirmation and cultural boosts to aid their self-esteem, while the other is attacked and told they are bad. Whiteness is now a sin and anything that gives children who are White a sense of pride ("White Pride") about their culture, history and achievements is fiercely attacked. -- If "White Supremacy" was ruling in the West, as we hear all the time, then you would not be able to observe this phenomena...'
ictimhood  narcissism  racism  v  contradiction 
january 2019 by adamcrowe

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